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So Breech Babies Have To Be Delivered By Cesarean?
Researchers in one study discuss the dangers of delivering a baby in a breech presentation vaginally vs having a c-section.

Pregnant Women Should Get Whooping Cough Vaccine Experts Say
A new study has shown that pregnant women who receive the pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccine during pregnancy can protect herself and give her baby the antibodies needed for Whooping Cough protection before his/her first vaccination.

The Dangers of Antibacterial Soap Use for Pregnant Women & Fetuses
Should pregnant women use antibacterial soap? The FDA says no due to the potential for certain ingredients to pose health risks to pregnant mother's and their babies.

Pregnancy Massage Has Health Benefits Too
Get a massage during pregnancy not only relieves aches and pains, it is also good for your pregnancy health, the health of your baby, and help you during labor and childbirth!


TTC Lingo: A Guide to Trying to Conceive Acronyms
Have you ever wondered what all the trying to conceive acronyms mean? Here are the most common acronyms used in online trying to conceive and fertility communities.

Trouble Conceiving? You Might Have a Vitamin D Deficiency
One study is showing a connection between infertility in men and women who undergo IVF unsuccessfully are Vitamin D deficient.

Fertility Treatments with a Money-Back Guarantee?
Are you looking into fertility treatments that seem too expensive? Now, some fertility clinics offer a money back guarantee when trying to conceive using assisted reproductive technology.

Stress Also Affects Male Fertility
Stress can affect male fertility as well as female fertility according to a new study which shows that sperm is affected by stress in Men.


Chickenpox Vaccine Important for Infants & Children to Receive
Learn about how the Varicella (Chickenpox) vaccine is an important immunization for your infant and/or toddler. Get facts about its safety, and what to expect when your baby received the vaccine.

Dangers of Leaving Babies In Cars
Since July of 2014 18 infants have died due to being left in a hot car. Here are some precautions parents should take to keep their baby safe in and around their car.

Baby Food: Jarred or Homemade?
The trend for Moms to make their own baby food instead of buying jarred baby food is rising. Here is some advice on how to choose what to feed your baby when beginning your baby on solid foods.

Babies Understand More Language Than We Think
A new study from the University of Washington shows that babies learn language much sooner than we thought. Learn why it's important to read and talk to your baby early, and often.


Teach Your Toddler Manners Worthy of Royalty
It's never too early to begin teaching manners to your toddler. Here are some tips for how to teach your toddler to be a person with manners worthy of royalty.

Understanding and Helping Your Shy Toddler
Does your toddler seem shy? Here's how to tell, as well as tips and advice for helping your shy toddler navigate through life.

When Your Child Won't Potty Train
You're all excited to begin potty training and feel this will be a breeze, however your toddler has other plans. If you toddler is being difficult and refuses to potty train, follow these tips for success.

DIY Toddler Valentine's Cards
It's Valentine's Day, and it's time to show your toddler how to make Valentine's cards. Here are some DIY Valentine's Day card ideas for your toddler to give to preschool or daycare classmates.


10 Sanity Savers for Stressed-Out Super Moms
Being a Mom is stressful. Here are 10 sanity savers for the super Moms out there.

Top 10 Most Loved Moms from Holiday Movies
Need a good holiday movie to watch? Here's our list of the top 10 holiday movies that feature our most loved Moms.

Marriage After Baby Arrives
Has your relationship with your spouse has changed since your little bambino arrived home from the hospital? How can you adapt to this change and how can you make the transition an easier journey?

A Twist on the Modern Family: Co-Parenting Partnerships
A new trend, seen in movies, television and now in every day parenting relationships is called Co-Parenting -- when a mother and father are not in a relationship with each other, but participate in parenting the baby.


The Stress Expectant and New Fathers Feel
It's not just Moms that can have a tough time during pregnancy, expectant fathers also carry with them stress, nervousness and fears. Here are ways for expectant Dads to handle stress when expecting a baby.

11 Great Gifts for Expectant and New Mothers
Need some ideas for what to get your partner during pregnancy, and/or after baby arrives? Here are 11 Great gift ideas!

New Dads Have Their Own Special Classes Too!
Boot Camp for New Dads (aka Daddy Boot Camp) helps dads become confident about their parenting skills. If a dad is confident about his skills, he is more likely to take time to interact with his newborn and kids. This time of instruction from fa

What Dads Can Do Better Than Moms
The days of father knows best seem long gone. Watch a sitcom and see a dopey dad who fails at everything but good intentions. But how realistic is this modern, ineffective father?