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The EEOC Updates the Pregnancy Discrimination Act
US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has revised it's guidelines protecting working pregnant women, and those who wish to become pregnant even more than before.

Cloth Diapers vs Disposables
Should you use cloth diapers, or disposable? Find out with our cloth vs disposable diaper buying guide, and get advice on how best to choose.

Baby Bottles: Which Ones Should You Choose?
When buying baby bottles, there is a vast array of choices for expectant Moms to choose from. Here are some considerations for making this important purchase.

Celiac Disease & Gluten-Free Diets During Pregnant
If you are pregnant with celiac disease, you will need to take extra precautions to make sure you are eating healthy, and getting enough nutrients when eating a gluten free diet.


Population Bust? What’s Behind the U.S. Falling Fertility Rates?
Researchers are now warning the U.S. that fertility rates are falling to levels that we should all be concerned about. But why?

Cell Phones and Male Infertility: Another Study Finds a Link
Cell phones are once again being linked with male infertility in a new study by the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Does Infertility Have Symptoms?
If you have been trying to conceive with no luck, here are some symptoms of infertility for both men and women that you might have missed.

New Drug Offers Hope for Pregnancy for Women Post-Chemo
New research shows that fertility after cancer treatment is possible with a new prescription drug that suppresses the hormone, estrogen.


How Often Should Your Baby Poop?
Find out how often your baby should poop, how you can tell if your baby might be constipated, and what treatment options are available if your baby is constipated.

Baby's First Book: Some Top Choices for Parents
Choosing baby's first book might seem like a daunting task, but the important thing is that you begin early. Here are several of our baby book favorites.

FDA Warns Parents About Teething Gels
The FDA is now warning parents of the dangers of using viscous lidocaine gel as a teething pain remedy for babies and children.

Which is Harder: Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding?
Learn five pros of both bottle feeding and breastfeeding, and why choosing one or the other may be best for you.


Teach Your Toddler Manners Worthy of Royalty
It's never too early to begin teaching manners to your toddler. Here are some tips for how to teach your toddler to be a person with manners worthy of royalty.

Understanding and Helping Your Shy Toddler
Does your toddler seem shy? Here's how to tell, as well as tips and advice for helping your shy toddler navigate through life.

When Your Child Won't Potty Train
You're all excited to begin potty training and feel this will be a breeze, however your toddler has other plans. If you toddler is being difficult and refuses to potty train, follow these tips for success.

DIY Toddler Valentine's Cards
It's Valentine's Day, and it's time to show your toddler how to make Valentine's cards. Here are some DIY Valentine's Day card ideas for your toddler to give to preschool or daycare classmates.


10 Sanity Savers for Stressed-Out Super Moms
Being a Mom is stressful. Here are 10 sanity savers for the super Moms out there.

Top 10 Most Loved Moms from Holiday Movies
Need a good holiday movie to watch? Here's our list of the top 10 holiday movies that feature our most loved Moms.

Marriage After Baby Arrives
Has your relationship with your spouse has changed since your little bambino arrived home from the hospital? How can you adapt to this change and how can you make the transition an easier journey?

A Twist on the Modern Family: Co-Parenting Partnerships
A new trend, seen in movies, television and now in every day parenting relationships is called Co-Parenting -- when a mother and father are not in a relationship with each other, but participate in parenting the baby.


The Stress Expectant and New Fathers Feel
It's not just Moms that can have a tough time during pregnancy, expectant fathers also carry with them stress, nervousness and fears. Here are ways for expectant Dads to handle stress when expecting a baby.

11 Great Gifts for Expectant and New Mothers
Need some ideas for what to get your partner during pregnancy, and/or after baby arrives? Here are 11 Great gift ideas!

New Dads Have Their Own Special Classes Too!
Boot Camp for New Dads (aka Daddy Boot Camp) helps dads become confident about their parenting skills. If a dad is confident about his skills, he is more likely to take time to interact with his newborn and kids. This time of instruction from fa

What Dads Can Do Better Than Moms
The days of father knows best seem long gone. Watch a sitcom and see a dopey dad who fails at everything but good intentions. But how realistic is this modern, ineffective father?