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Petra or Afton? - Petra or Afton? Our last name is long and Greek! (we have a 2 year old name Alistair)


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Help us name our little girl.

Baby Names: Savannah Harper, Savannah Aubrielle, Charlotte Reece, Harper Charlotte,
The middle name will be Richard. Thanks for your help

Baby Names: Eric, Arthur, Ralph, Ares,
Please help us provide an identity for our baby boy arriving on July 5, 2015

Baby Names: Wilson, Yuri, Scott, Jonah,
What's in a name? EVERYTHING... Please help us create an identity for our baby arriving on July 5, 2015.

Baby Names: Wilson, Yuri, Scott, Jonah,
Knox Thomas or Cruz Thomas??

Baby Names: Knox Thomas, Cruz Thomas,
These are our top 3 girl names. We are thinking of the following nicknames to go along with them: Lenora (Leni or Nora), Adalyn (Addy), Ella (no nickname).

Baby Names: Ella, Lenora, Adalyn,
Thanks to your good suggestions on our previous poll. Our baby boy was born this morning and we really need your help to pick a best name for our little angel. Please pick a name and middle names that would go well with the last name "Hoang". W

Baby Names: Declan Sean Hoang, Ryan William Hoang, Declan (your suggestions) Hoang, Ryan (your suggestions) Hoang,
We can't decide on a name. One is my choice, one is his.

Baby Names: Cameron Michael, Dax Anthony,
Middle name is a family name- Wayne

Baby Names: Carson, Parker, Lincoln, Andrew,
First name ideas to go with sister, Nikita Mary. Linda is the middle name after grandmother's name. I'm counting on you to help. Thanks!

Baby Names: Alyssa Linda, Serena Linda, Mischa Linda,
Carver is my maiden name and James is both of our father's first names (although neither of them go by James). What do you like best?

Baby Names: Carver James, Jameson Carver,
Baby Names: Pahal, Pehar, Pankti,
I need help choosing between these two names! Any thoughts?

Baby Names: Everly Pearl, Verity Pearl,
I've loved,this name since my first daughter. She will be sister to Ava , Katie , Julian and , Brayden Wondering peoples thoughts on the name . Thanks

Baby Names: Presley, Middle names?,
Sister to Ava, Katie, Julian, and Brayden Also looking for middle names Thanks

Baby Names: Presley, Piper,
Can't decide between these 3 names. Help us decide.

Baby Names: Jake Benjamin, Jake Bradley, Ari Joseph,
To reflect our son's heritage, we are looking for a first/middle name combo that 'flows' well and has one Indian name and one Brazilian name. What do you prefer?

Baby Names: Aleu Rahi, Rahi Aleu, Caio Rahi, Rahi Caio,
Hi, please help me pick between these names girls as really can't decide. 1st baby. Little boy due 14th August

Baby Names: Sonny Stephen, Frankie Christopher, Stevie, Ethan Stephen,
I'm expecting my first daughter this summer and have two names that I love but just can't decide. I'm not worried about the spelling/pronunciation aspect. I know some people will have a problem pronouncing them. Saoirse is Garlic pronounced

Baby Names: Saoirse, Keva,
Trying to narrow it down. Any feedback is appreciated

Baby Names: Rhett, Conrad, Vaughn, Percival (Percy),

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