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We can't decide between these two names

Baby Names: Delfina Rae, Dahlia Jane,
Big bro is nathan. Last name starts with R

Baby Names: Oliver Giuseppe, Sebastian Giuseppe, Miles Giuseppe,
We can't decide between Keira or Khloe. Nicolette will be the second name. Which one is better?

Baby Names: Keira, Khloe,
Please help me pick a name for my first daughter.

Baby Names: Raelynn Nicoll, Brooklynn Diane, Aleigha Grace, Alianna Faith,
I love all these names, but can't choose "the one!"

Baby Names: Fleur, Reighn, Everleigh, Leighton,
Which younger brother name goes with older brother named Liam Michael?

Baby Names: Ethan Ryan, Easton Ryan, Ethan James, Easton James,
Older sister is Annika.

Baby Names: Daria Pearl Quigley, Zora Claire Quigley,
Please help us choose a name for our second baby boy.

Baby Names: Ares, Evan, Jude, Arthur,
stuck on boy names!

Baby Names: Mateo, Nathaniel, Mickael, Alexavier,
He doesn't like any name I suggest so I need help weather people like his chosen name or mine

Baby Names: amillie, lydia,
We are so lucky to be having identical twin boys!! But we can't decide on names! We like Isaac and Jakob (Jake) because they're biblical. We also like Riley and Bradley but fear they are too much alike. Our last choice is Austin and Benjamin.

Baby Names: Isaac and Jakob, Riley and Bradley, Austin and Benjamin,
We can't decide between Elliotte Jade or Jade Elliotte for a girl. For Elliotte, we would call her Elle much of the time.

Baby Names: Elliotte, Jade,
Brothers are Blaze Ezekiel & Brix Zion

Baby Names: Dash Josiah, Jett Josiah,
Baby girl due January. Deciding between 3 names. Let me know what you think!

Baby Names: Emilie, Leighton, Adeline,
please choose a name you like best. I love all four but don't know which one i like best!

Baby Names: Charlotte, Abigail, Elsa, Rosie,
No siblings yet

Baby Names: Sienna, Mae, Evelyn, Sierra,
We need help with 2 names. I like different spellings,J instead of G, and K instead of C.

Baby Names: Jemma Skye, Korra Jade,
help us narrow it down

Baby Names: Sawyer Vann, Sawyer David, Silas Vann, Silas David,
Trying to pick a middle name (family name)

Baby Names: Nathaniel David, Nathaniel Luther, Nathaniel Vann, Nathaniel Wright,
Which name reminds you of the cutest boy or is the most handsome name?

Baby Names: Austin, Noah, Brody, Kellan,

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