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Girl Baby Names Poll Baby Names Poll:

Help us decide - We are struggling on which name sounds and flows nice. Please help...

Claire Annabella James
Millie Maryann James
Claire Abigail James
Millie Mary James

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Which name is prettiest?

Baby Names: Alice, Madeline,
Please help me decide which name to choose for our baby boy coming in April

Baby Names: Christian, Adam, Nate, Nathan,
Baby Names: Kieran Michael Hill, Keenan Michael Hill, Eli Michael Hill, Elliott Michael Hill,
Brothers name is Jaelon (jay-Len). Need a middle name that goes with Ailani and its unique, simple and cute.

Baby Names: elisse, rose, vanessa,
Pick a cool girls name

Baby Names: Kennedy, Reese, Karter, Emerson,
We love both names but I have a different favorite everyday! I would appreciate feedback. Thanks!

Baby Names: Avett, Cooper,
It's between Tristan or Sebastian,I would appreciate any views/comments. Thanks!

Baby Names: Atticus, Jedidiah, Raynor, Remington,
Baby Names: Danica, Annabell, Charlotte,
we're expecting twin girls, due February 11th. We already have the first names Abrianna and Jayliana (both of our middle names, edited of course) picked out and they stay! We're not changing them. However, we can't find middle names for the

Baby Names: Jayliana, Abrianna, middle, names?,
Baby Names: Brayden Asher, Asher James, Zane Michael, Cyrus Michael,
Please tell me your favourite, least favourite and why? Thankyou!

Baby Names: Alyssia, Anneliese, Anastasia, Scarlett,
We are down to 3 names... which do you prefer? I really like Mason but my husband's name is Jason and I am worried about the rhyming issue.. does it matter? All comments appreciated, thanks!

Baby Names: Mason Jake, Hudson Jake, Archer William, Kade Mason,
We want a traditional name to our cultures and yet still have sophistication and uniqueness. We want a bold, masculine, jet-setting name that stands out.

Baby Names: Benicio Gaetano, Tanner Hendrick, Malachi Cole/Dean, Neil Jean-Piere,
Baby Names: Savanna Elise, Savanna Elizabeth, Kendal Grace,
What's your guess at to her name?

Baby Names: Cecilia M. Farchione, Evelynn Grace Farchione, Rosie Strawberry Farchione, Emilia Rose Farchione,
Which do you prefer?

Baby Names: Casper, Alder,
Baby Names: Brexlyn Sage, Oaklee Lynn,
Brother's name is Joshua.

Baby Names: Joshlynn Lori-Beth, Allyson Cappricce, Lori Elizabeth,
Siblings names are Jaelynn & Taten, which name is most fitting?

Baby Names: Tylee, Tyleigh, Alieya, Aliyah,

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