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Name the twins - Me and my husband are expecting are 5&6 child. He has a son from a previous relationship called Marley, I also have a daughter from a previous relationship called Landry and together we have William (7) Sophie(6) Bethan (4) and Jesse-James (18 months)

Sasha and Maverick
Hollie and Carter
Molly and Weston
Kelsey and Joshua

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We love both of these names. Leila seems different and pretty and Caroline is my middle name, classic and beautiful I think.

Baby Names: Leila Gail Costello, Leila Gail Caroline Costello, Caroline Corynne Costello, Caroline Colette Costello,
Please help us decide on a name. We have narrowed it down to 3 now we need your help to decide.

Baby Names: Kinsley, Raegan, Brianna,
Baby Names: Maxton John, Kyler John, Layne Christian, Judson Christian,
Thoughts on these names? Thanks!

Baby Names: Kenton, Carlin, Conway,
Stuck between Sarah and Eliana

Baby Names: Sarah Eliana, Eliana Faith, Sarah Faith,
I need to make a decision really soon please help me with your votes!

Baby Names: Olivia, Alivia, Livia,
I'm in a situation that requires me to give my daughter and myself a new last name. They are all from my family tree. Calloway, Guthrie, Booker. What sounds better?

Baby Names: Summer Ashton Love Calloway, Summer Ashton Love Guthrie, Summer Ashton Love Booker, WDYT?,
Baby Names: Daniel (Danny), Ryan,
I am torn between Bailey and Westley

Baby Names: Bailey Scott, Westley Scott,
Baby Names: Kaylee Grace, Jasmine Lee, Aubrey Lynn, Emma Lee,
My little girl is here already and she needs a name I am having a hard time !

Baby Names: Evelise Mae, Evangeline Mae, Jaklyn Mae,
We have decided on the name Daphne for our daughter, but I need help with the middle name. My grandmother's name was Louise and it would be nice to honor her, but I feel like the two names together sound too old fashioned. Our other options is Daphne

Baby Names: Daphne Louise, Daphne Blair,
Baby Names: Fiona Camille, Fiona Noelle, Lydia Camille, Violet Camille,
My baby girl came 3 weeks early and her father and I had not settled on a name.We need suggestions ...

Baby Names: Evelise Mae, Jaklyn Mae,
Help us decide on a middle name for our son Asher....thanks!

Baby Names: Asher Joel, Asher Jude, Asher Jordan, Asher Judah,
Baby Names: Caroline Blakely Howard, Everly Noelle Howard,
Big Sister Grace Isabella, Last name one syllable

Baby Names: Maya Alexandra, Maya Olivia, Maya Elise, Maya Quinn,
We can't decide which name to go with. Help us choose.

Baby Names: Quinlan (Quinn for short), Tristan, Easton, Uriah,
Our last name is French to match.

Baby Names: Dorothée (door-ah-tay) "Thea", Élodie (el-oh-dee), Caroline (carr-oh-lin), Aurélie (auh-rah-lee),
Brother is Elias Matthieu

Baby Names: Élodie Madeleine (Mad-uh-len), Élodie Rose, Elowyn Rose, Elowyn Sophia,

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