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Baby Names: Ellia (el-ee-uh), Stasha, Zella (or spelled Xella), Nya,
Pick your favorite boys name

Baby Names: Harrison Michael, Charles ( Charlie) Michael, William Michael,
Can't decide on baby girl name...HELP

Baby Names: Catherine (Cate) Jane, Violet Catherine, Eleanor (Ellie) Catherine,
We are stuck on two names! Please help us decide which one!

Baby Names: Emerson Claire, Adalyn Rae, Adelyn Rae,
I'm getting no help from DH. Please, I need some direction.

Baby Names: Cora Elise, Lydia Katherine,
I would like to change my name. I don't really like it that much, it's Chantel.

Baby Names: Michelle, Allyson, Maria, Debbie,
I would like my second child's name to sound good with my first. Her name is Kaia. Sister name options are Felicity and Vienna. Which sounds best with Kaia?

Baby Names: Felicity, Vienna,
We have so far Grace Anne Gordon, Isabelle Aimee Gordon, and James Alijah Gordon. We are expecting another boy. He will be our last.

Baby Names: Lucas Alexander Gordon, Lucas Azaria Gordon, Lucas Aurelius Gordon, Lucas Andre Gordon,
These are some of my favorite girl names and I want your opinion. Thanks!

Baby Names: Carolina Grace, Charlotte Marie, Marlie Ann, Stella Rae,
Baby Names: Anna Jane, Molly Mae, Ella Rose, Lillie Rose,
Help! We like the unusual over the classic names but nothing is hitting us. It doesn't help that we get such mixed opinions. Suggestions are totally welcome too. Thanks.

Baby Names: Cannon, Nash, Slade, Dax,
Which sounds better? Full names: Armin Rafael Thomas, Arlo Rafael Thomas

Baby Names: Armin Rafael Thomas, Arlo Rafael Thomas, I don't like either of them,
Baby Names: Conrad, Crosby, Monroe,
Louise and Mae are both family names. We definitely want to use Mae. Amber is another name we like. Thanks!

Baby Names: Caitlin Mae Louise, Caitlin Louise Mae, Caitlin Amber Mae,
Hi everybody! I am looking for opinions on names for a little girl today! Can you please tell me which one is best? Thank you so much!

Baby Names: Ryan, Hadley, Rylie, Bryn or Brinley,
I'm pregnant with a girl. I already have a daughter named Vanessa Marie and a son named Ryan Parker. Which name is better? Savannah or Jordyn?

Baby Names: Savannah, Jordyn,
We're trying to decide on which baby girl to go with. Middle name will be Mai. Thanks!

Baby Names: Ada, Alden, Cecelia, Ellery,
I like these names which is best?

Baby Names: Michelle, Alice, Allison, Claude,
Brother is Jack, sister is Evie (Evelyn). Baby is due in 6 weeks and these are our top 2 names. Thanks for voting!

Baby Names: Max(well) Kugler, Henry Kugler,
I'm having difficulty settling on a name that works well in both spanish and english. Aurora is a family name. Thoughts?!

Baby Names: Natalia Aurora Z, Sophia Aurora Z, Amiya Aurora Z, Sabrina Aurora Z,

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