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Best spelling for elle-EE-sha - What spelling looks the best?


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I prefer the Khloe spelling because i think when its written it looks better than Chloe

Baby Names: Lucy, Hailey, Stella, Khloe/Chloe,
Using Lora as a middle name (my mom's first name) What do you like best

Baby Names: Grace Scarlett Lora, Grace Lora Scarlett, Grace Lora Emery, Grace Audrey Lora,
Which name?

Baby Names: Callie, Shelby,
So I've gotten mixed reviews for one of my favorite baby girl names, and I just wanted your opinion on how it sounds. Her nickname would be Sapphy, and her full name would be Sapphire Marie Calloway. (Calloway is the surname)

Baby Names: Sapphire Marie is good, Sapphira/Safira would be better, Consider something else, I hate it,
We're expecting B/G twins and already have the boy's name picked out. He will be Matthew Ryan, and they will be joining Hannah Faith and Damien Josiah. Baby girl's middle name will be Joy after my sister (just like Hannah was after my other

Baby Names: Abigail, Alyssa,
In african culture we are raised to differently. I had a miscarrage. now this is my second child i must name him according to the first child i couldnt raise. Exp dikeledi=tears meaning tears i shed for the baby i lost. Thanks mothers

Baby Names: Dikeledi=tears, Kgotlello=patiance, Moselatja=dogs tail, Celasiwakhe=lets build this home,
Help me pick a favorite

Baby Names: Liam, Cade, Jax, Carson,
Prettiest name for Julia's sister

Baby Names: Sarah, Calla, Clara, Lexi,
We're looking for a middle name for Lucas. He'll be arriving on May 21st. Help!!

Baby Names: Lucas Michael Redmond, Lucas Brooks Redmond, Lucas Jax Redmond, Lucas Jude Redmond,
Which do you prefer from these names please, surname is Hall. Thanks for your opinion.

Baby Names: Georgia, Scarlett, Layla,
Baby Names: deliah, eva,
We’re expecting our second girl and like the name Eviva Melody (NN: Evie). FN means life, MN is to honor DH's mom who passed on her love for music to him. Her big sister is Cassidy but she goes by Sadie most of the time. What do you think? TIA!

Baby Names: Like, Dislike,
I am having a baby girl due in August! Me and my husband Michael are excited because this is our first child! We came up with a few names!

Baby Names: Tatum Rose, Sierra Faye, Hazel Elise, Alyssa Monroe,
Baby Names: Josafat, Bryan, Alan,
Can't decide between these 3 names...

Baby Names: Maddox, Shea, Oliver,
My husband and I are into old fashioned names. Sisters : Katherine(13) Victoria(10) Helen(10) Brothers: Eden(15) Florence(4)

Baby Names: Clara, Charlotte, Flora, Ruth,
My hubby and I love nature-ish names. This is our 3rd girl and 4th child! Girls are: Lily(15), Blossom(12), Jasmine(6) and Boy: Sage(11)

Baby Names: Dahlila, Petunia, Rose, Lilac,
I cant decide which girl name I like and I cant decide which spelling I like of Syris. Preferably the one that would be least mispronounced.

Baby Names: Reece Christina, Syris Christine, Sirys Christine,
Baby Names: Sirys Christine, Reece Christine,
Boy name help

Baby Names: Bryson Anthony, Bryson Xander, Xander Brice, Zander Brice,

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