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Which do you like with a long last name? - Our last name is Italian-sounding and 4 syllables. Starts with an "A" but pronounced "On".

Luca Raphael
Rhys William
August Michael "Gus"
Ellis James

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Baby Names: Caroline Blakely Howard, Everly Noelle Howard,
Big Sister Grace Isabella, Last name one syllable

Baby Names: Maya Alexandra, Maya Olivia, Maya Elise, Maya Quinn,
We can't decide which name to go with. Help us choose.

Baby Names: Quinlan (Quinn for short), Tristan, Easton, Uriah,
Our last name is French to match.

Baby Names: Dorothée (door-ah-tay) "Thea", Élodie (el-oh-dee), Caroline (carr-oh-lin), Aurélie (auh-rah-lee),
Brother is Elias Matthieu

Baby Names: Élodie Madeleine (Mad-uh-len), Élodie Rose, Elowyn Rose, Elowyn Sophia,
middle name my family name, last name his family name, need help choosing first name

Baby Names: Cassandra Marshall Thorpe, Jane Marshall Thorpe, Claire Marshall Thorpe,
Need help with middle names that begin with L for Dayla. Considering Dayla Lexi or Dayla Lily, but open to more suggestions

Baby Names: Dayla Lily, Dayla Lexi,
Can't decide between the two.

Baby Names: Peyton Riley, Dallis Ann,
Our baby girl is due in 2 weeks and we can't decide between these pretty names. Please let us know what you think??

Baby Names: Abigail May, Alexandra Grace, Sofia Ruth, Helena Rose,
Baby Names: Eliott James, Beckham James, Liam James, Paxton James,
I need a middle name that goes well with mia miranda

Baby Names: mia amelia miranda, mia belle miranda, mia elena miranda,
Baby Names: Kyla Marie, Ryann Elizabeth, Alaina Grace, Macy Leigh,
Undecided between Hannah or Sarah.. This is our first baby and would like our darling daughter to have a name that will be elegant and meaningful. Mary could be the middle name for both options.. My wife chose Hannah but my mind is slightly leaning toward

Baby Names: Hannah Basil, Sarah Basil,
Baby Names: Oakley Michelle, Jenna Shay, Emma Jade, Grace Amelia,
My husband and I can't choose between 2 names. We have a son named Braylon and a daughter named Layna. Please help us decide!

Baby Names: Dakota Jo, Peyton Jo,
Baby Names: Brielle, Noelle, Breanna,
We are having baby girl #3 and we cant decide on a name. We like sonething with a . our last name is crawford. Her sisters are named Morgyn Leigh and Montana Rae.

Baby Names: Willow Maris, Wynne Iyanna, Winter Ariane, Warryn Cheyanne,
My husband and I are really torn between these two names for our girl! Both have meaning to our families but we are having a hard time choosing. Input is much appreciated!

Baby Names: Ana Isabella, Isla Rose,
I can't decide which middle name to use, please help?

Baby Names: Phoenix Angel, Phoenix Carol, Phoenix Snow, Phoenix Robin,
I can't decide on a middle name, please help?

Baby Names: Esme Ivy, Esme Carol, Esme Robin, Esme Snow,

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