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Which do you like with a long last name? - Our last name is Italian-sounding and 4 syllables. Starts with an "A" but pronounced "On".

Luca Raphael
Rhys William
August Michael "Gus"
Ellis James

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My husband and I are really torn between these two names for our girl! Both have meaning to our families but we are having a hard time choosing. Input is much appreciated!

Baby Names: Ana Isabella, Isla Rose,
I can't decide which middle name to use, please help?

Baby Names: Phoenix Angel, Phoenix Carol, Phoenix Snow, Phoenix Robin,
I can't decide on a middle name, please help?

Baby Names: Esme Ivy, Esme Carol, Esme Robin, Esme Snow,
I cannot decide which middle name flows best, please help?

Baby Names: Cassandra Winter, Cassandra Snow, Cassandra Robin, Cassandra Carol,
We have a son Liam. Looking for a name for his soon-to-arrive sister.

Baby Names: Scarlett Lucretia, Hazel Seraphina, Lila Pearl, Flora Haven,
Looking for a unique girl name as both of us are teachers and every name we think of we end up picturing a past student. Thanks.

Baby Names: Tula Saliani, Aralynn Saliani, Kaiya Saliani, Aurelie/Auralee Saliani,
Which name? We have a Hayley, Elizabeth, Jamie, Hannah. Thanks!

Baby Names: Eliana Hope, Sarah Ellen,
Please help!! Sibling is Grayson. Looking for different names.

Baby Names: Tatelynn Brooke, Creighly Brylynn,
Baby Racic,currently nicknamed "sassy", needs a name. Brother's name is Van

Baby Names: Elizabeth (Liz) Max, Maxine (Max) Elizabeth,
Last Name is "Fair"

Baby Names: Ensa, Reese,
Please pick your favorite combination of the four names provided. We'd love to hear what you've got to say!

Baby Names: Lawrence, James, David, Michael,
Cannot decide on name!

Baby Names: Victoria June, Sadie Marie, Lynlee Marie,
Husband and I can't decide... Please help us!

Baby Names: Sydney Paige Miller, Makenna Paige Miller,
stuck on these three names, help us out

Baby Names: Thiago, Jeremiah, Jacare(ja-ka-ray),
Great boy name for 2014 and 2015

Baby Names: Richard, Dennis, Edith, Oliva,
Cannot decide between Kara (yes most people like it with a C but we prefer the K) or Savannah. Also stuck between Elise or Joy for a middle name.

Baby Names: Kara Elise Huffman, Kara Joy Huffman, Savannah Elise Huffman, Savannah Joy Huffman,
Trying to decide on a name for our girl. Middle name is to be Louise

Baby Names: Isabelle, Tegan,
My husband and I have our baby boy's name narrowed down to these four. We already have two girls, Grace and Molly.

Baby Names: Holden, Noah, Weston, Wyatt,
Trying to decide on a name would love some help

Baby Names: Elias Potter, Ezeriah Potter, Caspian Potter, Cassien potter,
Baby Names: Alexandra "Alexa" Kate Holen, Katherine "Kate" Holen,

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