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Which do you like with a long last name? - Our last name is Italian-sounding and 4 syllables. Starts with an "A" but pronounced "On".

Luca Raphael
Rhys William
August Michael "Gus"
Ellis James

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Cannot decide between Kara (yes most people like it with a C but we prefer the K) or Savannah. Also stuck between Elise or Joy for a middle name.

Baby Names: Kara Elise Huffman, Kara Joy Huffman, Savannah Elise Huffman, Savannah Joy Huffman,
Trying to decide on a name for our girl. Middle name is to be Louise

Baby Names: Isabelle, Tegan,
My husband and I have our baby boy's name narrowed down to these four. We already have two girls, Grace and Molly.

Baby Names: Holden, Noah, Weston, Wyatt,
Trying to decide on a name would love some help

Baby Names: Elias Potter, Ezeriah Potter, Caspian Potter, Cassien potter,
Baby Names: Alexandra "Alexa" Kate Holen, Katherine "Kate" Holen,
We love the meanings behind these names. Two are popular classics & two a biy more out there classics Which sounds best to you? We don't want to burden our kid with a poor choice.

Baby Names: Alice, Sadie, Eliza, Alma,
Noelle Angel Noelle Angelina Noelle Nicole Noelle Joy Noella Bella Noelle sophia

Baby Names: Noelle Nicole, Noelle Joy, Noelle Angel, Noelle Angelina,
Baby Names: Yes, No,
Looking for ideas, and we're bored. No we do NOT know gender.

Baby Names: Samantha, Katy, Lea, Lily,
Both middle names are family names...having a hard time deciding and must decide soon as he was born this week!

Baby Names: William Coleman Stillwell, William Roby Stillwell,
help help please tell me which name you like better time is approaching fast

Baby Names: Serina Rose, Adelyn Rose,
Need you assistance.

Baby Names: Aaliyah Natasha Maree, Aaliyah Nikole Maree, Aaliyah Nikole Mari, Aaliyah Nikole Mariah,
Down to the final three middle name choices.

Baby Names: Piper Savannah Smith, Piper Adelyn Smith, Piper Leigh Smith,
Which name should we choose?

Baby Names: Paeyton, Caroline,
Which name do you like most?

Baby Names: Hayden, Lucas, Daniel,
Husband and I have decided on the name Sadie, and I love feminine and graceful names so I thought of the name Sadie Elizabeth which is generic I know, but it is my mother and grandmothers name. My husbands cousin already named her child Elizabeth, so shou

Baby Names: Sadie Addison, Sadie Elizabeth,
I Really could use some help on these two names I really like the name Charlotte but I also like the name Adelyn Because my name is Heidy and the form of Heidy is Adeline and with lynn thats my middle put the two togethet you get Adelyn plus its our last

Baby Names: Charlotte Rose, Adelyn Rose,
Baby Names: Nixon, Cruz, Decker, Lawson,
Please help us decide a name if our baby #3 is a boy. Older brothers are Ryder and Cash.

Baby Names: Lennox (nn Lenni), Hendrix (nn Henry), Jameson,
Please help us decide a name if our baby #3 is a girl. Older brothers are Ryder and Cash.

Baby Names: Monroe, Quinn, Stellar,

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