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Petra or Afton? - Petra or Afton? Our last name is long and Greek! (we have a 2 year old name Alistair)


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Baby Names: Scarlett Michelle Perry, Ruby Michelle Perry,
I just can't decide between these 3 names!

Baby Names: Eveleigh Ann, Eveleigh Faith, Eveleigh Grace, Eveleigh Rose,
Big Sister: Amelia Angelina Big Brother: Kai William Below are our top two girl's names. I like Fiona the best, my husband likes Alice. (Alice also gets a bonus point as it was the suggestion of our 5 year old daughter). Knowing this, which name wo

Baby Names: Alice Catherine, Fiona Catherine,
Baby Names: Violet, Alana, Claire, Macy,
I just can't decide between these 3 names! The last name is Erickson.

Baby Names: Hannah Louise Erickson, Lilliannah Avery Erickson, Juliannah Rose Erickson,
Which name best fits a blonde haired, blue eyed boy?

Baby Names: Cameron, Tyler, Aaron, Matthew,
Working on a middle name for our daughter, who will be named Cecilia.

Baby Names: Cecilia Jasmine, Cecilia Elizabeth, Cecilia Caroline, Cecilia Dawn,
Baby Names: Hudson Reid, Braxton Kade, Hudson Cade,
Need help with boy name to go with sibling Aria. Cade and Wes are our top right now. Also considered Lane, Grant, Gray, Brody, Bryce

Baby Names: Cade Weston, Wes Conway, Lane, Gray,
Baby Names: Addison Clark, Paisley Clark,
Our Last Name is Duncan. We have two other children, Eleanor and Grant. We need help picking a name for our third. Thanks!

Baby Names: Eliza, Blair, Stella, Reese,
The baby names below are finalists selected by the "Liberal Elitist Satirical Board of Innovative Ambiguous Names" (LESBIANs). This poll is legally binding, all votes are final.

Baby Names: Havana Dandrea, Phyllis Dandrea, Paris Perez-Dandrea, Betty Jo Dandrea,
We are set on the name Jenna, but are torn on the middle name. We have a very long last name, so we want the middle name to be one syllable. (And yes, the spelling on Rey will stay that way because we don't care for Rae and my husband likes it as a S

Baby Names: Jenna Rey H., Jenna Skye H.,
Hi! Just wondering which name you like most. Thanks!

Baby Names: Galilee, Jemma, Riley,
We finally decided on a first name, now I need help deciding on a middle name for my daughter. Which of the four do you prefer? Thanks! ps for those who don't know, Isla has a silent "S" and is pronounced like "eye-la".

Baby Names: Isla Harper, Isla Evelyn, Isla Rose, Isla Blake,
Acen (rhymes with Mason) would be nicknamed "Ace". Middle name would be Gray. What do you think?

Baby Names: Acen, Gray,
Baby Names: Adrian, Marcus, Brendan,
Baby Names: Adrienne Elisabeth Borntrager, Meredith Quinn Borntrager, Violette Emmeliene Borntrager,
We can't agree on a name for our daughter who's due in January. Her middle name will be Louise, please vote.

Baby Names: Rosie, Chelsea, Mila, Ariana,
Traditional south asian girls name. Looking at the best spelling for North Americans to say this name correctly. The prounciation we are looking for is "Ahh-Li-Ah" or another way of writing it would be "Aw-lee-ah" With emphasis on the

Baby Names: Alia, Aliya, Aalia, None,

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