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Buneti Family Invitation - Hey everyone, we are inviting you to join and be a part of naming of our precious little star. Please be a part of this auspicious event and shower your blessings to little one --Shiva & Deepthi

Diya Buneti
Disha Buneti
Sana Buneti
Akshara Buneti

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I cant decide which girl name I like and I cant decide which spelling I like of Syris. Preferably the one that would be least mispronounced.

Baby Names: Reece Christina, Syris Christine, Sirys Christine,
Baby Names: Sirys Christine, Reece Christine,
Boy name help

Baby Names: Bryson Anthony, Bryson Xander, Xander Brice, Zander Brice,
i cant decide what name i like best

Baby Names: Fynnleigh Cheyenne, Cali Rose, Kensington Windsor, Cherokee Brooke,
Me and my husband, Luka, are expecting twin girls. We're picking French names to give them to honor Luka's heritage. We already have one name picked out, Rosalie Claire, and the first name Caroline picked out as well. We're having trouble d

Baby Names: Caroline Jules Callait, Caroline Eleanor Caillat, Caroline Avrellie Callait,
Our baby girl joined us on March 24. We couldn't agree on a name but before we left the hospital my husband found the name Willow and I went with it. Now we are home and I don't really feel like it fits her. I like the name Bella because my maid

Baby Names: Bella Grace Beckstrom, Willow Grace Beckstrom,
Can't decide, what go you think?

Baby Names: Adalyn, Makayla,
We really like Jaxson but are worried it's becoming too popular. Should we go with it anyway or choose one of these other names? Thanks so much for your help!!

Baby Names: Jaxson, Xander, Gage, Zane,
I love both but which one for a first name?

Baby Names: Rose, Cate/Cait,
Baby Names: Rosalind Jo, Joella Paige, Lena Jo, Joanna Paige,
Considering one of these 3 names for our girl

Baby Names: Farrah, Chloe, Nadia,
Which name do you like better??

Baby Names: Nadia Maile Zarro, Chloe Brianne Zarro,
Trying to decide between these three for a GIRL. (I know that the names can be for a boy or girl)

Baby Names: Reese Madelynn, Harper Elizabeth, Avery Jean,
Can't decide between these 2 names

Baby Names: Jonah William Smith, Weston Joseph Smith,
Baby Names: Nolan, Cole, Broden,
We need help choosing names for our twin girls due 18th April, we already have Luke Andrew (7) Zack Thomas (4) and Harry Samuel (2)

Baby Names: Laila Rose & Lily Grace, Laila Grace & Lily Rose, Laila Rose & Molly Jane, Lily Grace & Molly Rose,
Please help us figure out the best name for our little boy due in Aug.!

Baby Names: Elijah Hart, Blake Hart, Gabriel Hart,
vote for fun

Baby Names: Kir, Diesel, Aron, Heel, Breanna, Violet, Autumn, Cecille,
Take a vote for fun. :)

Baby Names: Breanna, Violet, Autumn, Cecille,
Baby Names: Marina Katerina, Julianna Katerina, Don't like any,

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