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HELP ME CHOOSE!!! - Please help me choose which girl name is the best!

Masyn McKinleigh
Emery Karsyn
Kennedy DeLynn
Avery Rylan

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We have a girl name all picked out but are having trouble with the boy names. Sister and Brother are Kaitlin and Declan.

Baby Names: Cale, Toby, Fletcher,
I've got 4 weeks left and i am no closer to choosing a name for my second daughter. I like all kinds of names. But, these are the top contenders. Please help me decide!!

Baby Names: Everlee, Aria, Vivienne, Ella,
me and my botfiend are more into Derontae as a name for a boy... we are not certain its a boy yet but we are hoping that it is.....

Baby Names: Derontae Armoni Willams Aslton, Rodney Armoni Willams Alston Jr., Chadd Armoni Willams Alston,
This is my first baby and I'm having a hard time choosing a name for her. Can you please help me choose her name.

Baby Names: Amelia Charolette, Quinn Aubrey, Lillian Grace, Josette Marie,
i like all 4 but cant chose a name

Baby Names: tysha, leanza, sawyer, mckinley,
Which name is best for our little boy?

Baby Names: James Tiberius, Declan James, William (Liam) Declan, Marshall Declan,
I chose Adriana because I like the nickname Ana. Kyleigh would be for her dad Kyle Lee. Ky for a nickname.

Baby Names: Adriana Faith Oben, Kyleigh Faith Oben,
I'm having identical twin girls. Due date is April 1, 2013, but twins normally come early. We already have a name picked for Baby A, but having a hard time deciding a name for Baby B. Please help with choosing from the top 4 names on our list. I pur

Baby Names: Starla, Celeste, Serena, Rhiannon,
Can you please help choose a name we have 3 girls Elise Morgan & Gracie

Baby Names: Lola Olivia, Olivia Taylor, Alex Olivia, Lola Skye,
We are set on first name Lucia. Our last name is pronounced as the name "bonnie". We are stuck between Isabel and Kendell. Kendell would be in honor of my father who passed away this year. Thanks!

Baby Names: Lucia Isabel, Lucia Kendell,
These are my favorite girl names.. Please vote (:

Baby Names: Jade, Emily, Ivy, Presley,
Baby Names: Bethanny Grace Rowan, Casey Elizabeth Rowan, Kiera Elizabeth Rowan, Leanna Elizabeth Rowan,
My maiden name starts with "Kier" so I think I'm Leaning towards that. Michaela has been My favorite girl name and we already have two boys. But Kiera is different and I'd like to honor my parents/family this way. Hubby is in for kie

Baby Names: Michaela, Kiera,
DH and I have narrowed down our name list to 6, but we still can't decide. Since I can only include 4 names here, Charlie and Oliver are not listed.

Baby Names: Crosby, Max, Liam, Carter,
Baby Names: Thora, Sloan, Petra, Harper,
which name do you like best? Also open to middle name suggestions for adam.

Baby Names: Gavin Cade, Adam Cade,
I'm having a scheduled c-section this Friday, the 23rd. Our last name is common so we want something unique. We have a daughter named Cala Marie. Please Help!

Baby Names: Elsie Lorraine, Noelle Lorraine, Zoey Lorraine, Reya Lorraine,
I am having a scheduled c-section in less than a week. We can't decide on a name. Our last name is very common so we want something unique. Please help!

Baby Names: Aidric Alan, Wyatt Alan, Lewis Alan, Levi Alan,
What name do you like better?

Baby Names: Braydon Rudy Gonzalez, Marlon Rudy Gonzalez, Warren Rudy Gonzalez,
I love the name Luna and so does my husband was wondering if the name we are leaning towards flows wrll

Baby Names: Luna Ravina, Luna Mila,

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