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Which is best name for my baby girl (indian) ? -


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Which do you like best if our baby is a boy?

Baby Names: Landon Patrick, Hudson Garrett,
Which of these do you prefer if our baby is a girl?

Baby Names: Stephanie Madeline, Delaney Christine, Charlotte Ava,
We have 3 little boys; Landon, Grayson, and Owen. Our fourth and last is a girl. Which name do you prefer?

Baby Names: Aubrey Katherine, Adalyn Kate, Halle Marie,
Which name do you like better?

Baby Names: Hayden, Peyton, Ryleigh, Brielle,
Girl Names Poll

Baby Names: Lauren Emanuelle, Chloe Grace, Lauren Noelle, Guilianna Grace,
Christiana vs cara both lovely names that go with my sons name Cam

Baby Names: Christiana Rae, Cara rae,
need help deciding on name

Baby Names: Amelie Grace, Penelope Grace,
Sisters name are Ariel and Bella Brothers names are Julian and Jonathan

Baby Names: Jacob, Isaiah, Christian,
We need help. Which is your favorite? Thanks!!!

Baby Names: Theron Grae, Theron Emrys, Emrys Grae, Knoxx Grae,
we have more names than listed but want to see what others think because we have slight differing opinions

Baby Names: Ruby Ada, Victoria Rose, Elsie Mae, Amy Rose,
Baby Names: Neon Vince, Vince Ashlee, Neon Ashlee, Andrei Neon,
Connor will be his name but we're struggling for a middle name. Let me know what you think of these option. Last name is Redmond

Baby Names: Connor Michael, Connor Lucas, Connor Grant, Connor Grayson,
Baby Names: Sadie-Clare Jane, Lila-Clare Jane, Mamie-Clare Jane, Bessie-Clare Jane,
We have too many favorites and can't decide! We want something different and unique. Which do you like best? We also like Hudson Grey, Tucker Grey & Beckham Jude

Baby Names: Holden Grey, Jude Marshall, Clark Grey, Neil Clark,
So some husband is German and I'm American. We'll be raising our little boy here in the U.S., however he will have dual citizenship, and we have a large family back in Germany that we plan to visit with baby boy as frequently as

Baby Names: Henrik Douglas, Hendrick Douglas, Cullen Charles, Harrison Douglas,
Baby Names: KimBella, Mikayla,
we already have 4 boys named Ben, Isaac, Josh and Joel. we need help with our fifth boy's name...

Baby Names: Caleb Aaron, Aaron Nicholas, Aaron Anthony,
Hubs and I can't decide! Help!

Baby Names: Analaya, Raina,
I maybe having a boy here are the names i like

Baby Names: Liam, Landon, Luca, Lachlan,
Need help picking a name

Baby Names: Lydia, Lillie, Layla, Lianna,

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