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Which do you like with a long last name? - Our last name is Italian-sounding and 4 syllables. Starts with an "A" but pronounced "On".

Luca Raphael
Rhys William
August Michael "Gus"
Ellis James

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Please help us decide a name if our baby #3 is a boy. Older brothers are Ryder and Cash.

Baby Names: Lennox (nn Lenni), Hendrix (nn Henry), Jameson,
Please help us decide a name if our baby #3 is a girl. Older brothers are Ryder and Cash.

Baby Names: Monroe, Quinn, Stellar,
Need advice for a baby brother name. Out first son's name is Luca. Our last name is Italian and quite long (4 syllables). Like Italian names but somewhat Americanized. Help!

Baby Names: Nico, Marco, Vinny, Dante,
6 weeks to go and have it narrowed down do 3. Also, need some suggestions for a middle name for Sosie.

Baby Names: Cessilie Colette, Colette Kate, Sosie (suggest a middle name),
My husband and I can't agree on a name if bubs turns out to be a girl. Can you please help?

Baby Names: Imogen Violet, Reagan Elizabeth, Peyton Grace, Chelsea Rose,
I can't decide on a name if bub is a boy. Vote for your fav!

Baby Names: Logan James, Eli James, Nate James, Elijah James,
I have a list of girl names I love. I can't decide. Vote for your favorite!

Baby Names: Isabelle Elaine, Caroline Faith, Elsa Adelaide, Aurora Brielle,
To go with siblings Rylee, Addison and Elijah

Baby Names: Harper Grace, Sadie Grace,
Please help us decide on an old, classic baby girl name that isn't very common. Our other daughter is Vivienne Grace. Thanks!

Baby Names: Adelyn / Adelynn (Addie), Corinne, Genevieve (Genna), Isabel / Isabelle,
Baby Names: rowan adair, evaleigh harlynn,
Please help us decide which of the two we should use!

Baby Names: Madison Leila Eve, Madison Leila Nicole,
PLEASE help us choose!

Baby Names: Hudson Thomas, Declan Thomas, Gibson Thomas, Maverick Thomas,
We need some help deciding on a name.

Baby Names: Aaron, Trent, Isaac, Jadon,
Help us name this baby

Baby Names: Malachai Zaine Phoenix, Phoenix Zaine, Malachai Zane, Zane Malachai,
What name do you think goes best with older brother Oliver?

Baby Names: Lucas, Maxwell, Spencer, Ellis,
I need some help narrowing it down!

Baby Names: Reese, Myla, Blair, Jordan,
Having a tough time deciding.

Baby Names: Gavin, Miles, Owen, Spencer,
Which name do you prefer?

Baby Names: Brock William, Bryson Joseph,
Mexican and Puerto rican

Baby Names: kayla, sophia, marie, valerie,
I want to name my daughter a variation of Amelia, but do not want to spell it the conventional way because I don't want an emphasis on the 'E' sound I want it pronounced A-mil-ea, and to use the nickname Millie. What do you think?

Baby Names: Aemilia, Amilia, Amillia,

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