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Help us decide - We are struggling on which name sounds and flows nice. Please help...

Claire Annabella James
Millie Maryann James
Claire Abigail James
Millie Mary James

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Which do you like?

Baby Names: Ryan Austin, Ryan Thomas, Connor Michael, Connor Thomas,
We want to see what name would be the most unique but cute

Baby Names: Tayleigh, Hadiley, Tayslynn, Paisley,
This is our first baby. Before we knew the sex we picked out the name Kenzley Nicole for a girl. Once we knew it was a girl we had second thoughts on the name. Maybe it's too different and unusual? Thanks for the help! Liz and Kory

Baby Names: Kenzley Nicole Miller, Brooklynn Nicole Miller, Taylor Nicole Miller,
Baby Names: Isabella, Hannah, Ella, Mia,
I'm extremely torn between these names, I feel like Cameron is my favorite, but I still can;t decide, even on a middle name. Please Help!

Baby Names: Cameron, Alex, Hunter, Jace,
We are having a hard time deciding a name for a little girl. we currently have a little boy named Gavin. What would be a good sister name?

Baby Names: Adalyn, Gianna, Aubrey, Hayden,
Baby Names: Olivia Diane Anderberg, Heather Diane Anderberg,
Baby Names: Elora, Kate, Clara, Nora,
Which name is best for a boy?

Baby Names: Jadon, Brenden, Darren, Dakota,
Baby Names: Andrew David, Zachary Robert, Nicholas David, Elias Robert,
Baby Names: Claire Delaney, Audrey Sophia, Violet Ruth, Elise Delaney,
My due date is just weeks away and we haven't been able to choose a name. We don't know the sex of the baby... these are some of our boy options:

Baby Names: Tyler, Chase/Chace, Reese,
Due with baby #2 in just a few weeks and we are still having such a hard time with names! Gender unknown, so here are some of our girl options. Our first child is a girl, Cailey.

Baby Names: Sara, Lindsay, Kristen, Eve (Evie),
last name is 3 syllables, starts with s and ends with a.

Baby Names: Percival, Raleigh, Alexander,
trying to decide between these four names for my sweet girl.

Baby Names: Coralee/Coralie, Sonnet, Mira, Valentina,
hi i have a shortlist but im not sure if its because i cant find any others that i like them or if they are genuinely nice names please help

Baby Names: Luca, Tyler, Corey, Kellen,
Help us narrow our list!

Baby Names: Kira, Veda, Nadia, Sonya,
After watching the new movie and some of the older TV series, I have come to the decision I am in love with this name. What do you think?

Baby Names: Josette Olivia, Josette Antoinette,
These are the names we are going with now you make the final decision

Baby Names: Malikai cruze, Kona cruze, Lex Zander,
Baby Names: Fiona Kate, Vivian Louise, Charlotte Rae, Stella Jayne,

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