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Help choose little girl's name! - Hey, we are expecting a little girl soon. She has three big sisters (triplets) named Delilah Rose, Daphne Iris & Diana Lily. Our surname is Forrington. Please choose your fave name from the poll. Thank you - The Forringtons.

Deirdre Heather
Daisy Marigold
Dorothea Sage
Rochelle Elizabeth

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We are set on Penelope, but the middle name..well we are having a hard time!! These are a few options we have come up with. What do you think? Our last name is one syllable and starts with B

Baby Names: Penelope River, Penelope Quinn, Penelope Topanga, Penelope Taylor,
Just playing with some ideas

Baby Names: Lillian (Lilly) Grace, Harlow Grace, Lucy, Victoria Ann,
We are naming one Estella but stumped on the second.

Baby Names: Maria Grace, Whitney Carmella, Angelina Carmella, Amelia Mae,
Baby Names: Anthony, Anthonee, Anthonie,
Baby Names: Elinor, Ayranna, Emileigh, Ellie,
Just interested in what others think. Thanks all!

Baby Names: Matilda Hope, Elliott Victoria, Reese Victoria, Ingrid Victoria,
I love the name Carter either as a first name or middle name. Which do you prefer. Leave suggestions in comments for other pairings for Carter.

Baby Names: Alan Carter, Cason Carter, Carter Alan, Carter Austan,
Help us decide!! :)

Baby Names: Heidi, Sadie, Ellie, Kayla,
Baby will be half Asian, half white. We want his name to be unique, strong, and cool.

Baby Names: Maverick, Cato, Hawk, Dez (Desmond),
Need help deciding which name!

Baby Names: Caroline Frances, Carly Marie, Tenley Grace, Frances Belle,
Help us decide the favorite if it's a baby girl! Our last name begins with a B and is two syllables.

Baby Names: Corinne Elise, Lena Elise, Teagan Caroline, Elise Kathleen,
Baby Names: Joel Pfeiffer N., Andrew James N.,
Baby Names: Avianna, Avryanna, Analay,
Good name?

Baby Names: Cole Richard Lincoln, Owen Richard Lincoln, Blake Richard lincoln,
Baby girl. Last name sounds like Loveday. Which do you prefer?

Baby Names: Catherine Amelia, Amelia Catherine,
Expecting b/g twins. Girl poll already posted.

Baby Names: Aidan Frend Curtis, Ryan Steve Curtis, Jason Dean Curtis, Kevin Daniel Curtis,
Expecting a twin boy with this twin girl.

Baby Names: Andrea Blair Curtis, Laurine Rose Curtis, Kendra Dena Curtis, Avery Quinn Curtis,
Which name you like best ?

Baby Names: Austin, Declan, Jake, Shane,
How would you spell the girl name pronounced "Te-neel"?

Baby Names: Teniel, Tenel, Teneil, Teneal,
We can't decide whether Madelyn or Madeline is better. We want it prounced as "Mad-eh-lynn". But, does Madeline look prettier, and will she always be correcting people on the spelling of Madelyn? Would you rather someone pronounced your na

Baby Names: Madeline, Madelyn,

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