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Buneti Family Invitation - Hey everyone, we are inviting you to join and be a part of naming of our precious little star. Please be a part of this auspicious event and shower your blessings to little one --Shiva & Deepthi

Diya Buneti
Disha Buneti
Sana Buneti
Akshara Buneti

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We need help choosing names for our twin girls due 18th April, we already have Luke Andrew (7) Zack Thomas (4) and Harry Samuel (2)

Baby Names: Laila Rose & Lily Grace, Laila Grace & Lily Rose, Laila Rose & Molly Jane, Lily Grace & Molly Rose,
Please help us figure out the best name for our little boy due in Aug.!

Baby Names: Elijah Hart, Blake Hart, Gabriel Hart,
vote for fun

Baby Names: Kir, Diesel, Aron, Heel, Breanna, Violet, Autumn, Cecille,
Take a vote for fun. :)

Baby Names: Breanna, Violet, Autumn, Cecille,
Baby Names: Marina Katerina, Julianna Katerina, Don't like any,
Baby Names: Marina, Katerina, Julianna,
Which for our baby girl?

Baby Names: Natalie, Kyla, Isabel, Isla,
Baby Names: Ava, Lara, Scarlett,
Baby boy due 5/22/13

Baby Names: Aaron John, Liam John, Jacob John,
Baby Names: Kailen James, Kailen John, Kailen Wayne, Dont like any,
Baby Names: Kir, Diesel, Aron, Heel, Kailen James, Kailen John, Kailen Wayne, Dont like any,
Italian names for little boy

Baby Names: Gabriel Luca Becerra, Lorenzo Gabriel Becerra, Luca Gabriel Becerra,
Baby Names: Carter Wallace Huddleston, Levi Alan Huddleston, Jaxen Lee Huddleston,
Dont know gender yet just getting some ideas

Baby Names: Charleigh Gail Parks, Kinsley Gail Parks, Kynli Gai Parks,
Please help us choose the best name for our baby girl!

Baby Names: Valerie, Marissa,
Please help by voting for your fave boys name to go with the surname Hoy.

Baby Names: Rocco, Maddox, Riley, Logan,
Please help us decide on a combination of first and middle names for our boy...

Baby Names: Jude Ethan, Jude Oliver, Ethan Oliver, Ethan Jude,
need help naming an only child just want it to be perfect but not too popular. Baby girl will be half Indian

Baby Names: Skye Victoria, Lilabee Hope, Zinnia Hope, Priya Hope,
Which first and middle name sounds best?

Baby Names: Camilla Audrey, Camilla Adalyn, Camilla Andralyn, Camilla JasellaLynn,
Baby Names: Jade, Sophia,

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