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Petra or Afton? - Petra or Afton? Our last name is long and Greek! (we have a 2 year old name Alistair)


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I want to name my daughter a variation of Amelia, but do not want to spell it the conventional way because I don't want an emphasis on the 'E' sound I want it pronounced A-mil-ea, and to use the nickname Millie. What do you think?

Baby Names: Aemilia, Amilia, Amillia,
Baby Names: Adalyn Rose, Brinley Noelle, Grace Marie, Presley Ann,
Baby boy names?

Baby Names: Asher Lane, Greyson Lane,
Choose A Name

Baby Names: Abigail, Elizabeth, Chloe, Jackson,
Baby Names: Carter Nelson, Pierce Nelson,
we have it narrowed down to 2 names⦠but just for fun, we have our top 6 here to see what you all think! They are in alphabetical order, not preference ;)

Baby Names: Alfred, Carter, Rory, Walter,
Baby Names: Charlotte (nn Charli), Isla, Rylee, Brielle,
Baby Names: Belle, Dolcie (Doll see), Nancy,
Some people are confused about the pronounciation of Aleyah (A-lee-ya)..should I change the spelling? FYI I don't want an "I" in the spelling.

Baby Names: Aleyah, Alleya, Alleyah, Aleeyah,
Very similar and very short. Please, do not suggest Nicholas or Miles. These are our final names :)

Baby Names: Nico, Milo,
Can't decide between two.

Baby Names: Cooper, Bennett,
Baby Names: Zoë Elizabeth, Heidi Victoria,
Big brothers are Bennett and James

Baby Names: Pierce Nelson, Reid Nelson,
Not our surname, but similar sounding. Star is set as middle name as it is a family tradition.

Baby Names: Arianna Star Hassle, Evelyn Star Hassle, Ava Star Hassle, Aria Star Hassle,
Leona is pronounced traditionally, while Leoni is not pronounced with a long O. It's more like Leon-y.

Baby Names: Leoni Amber Hall, Leona Kae Hall,
Baby Names: Maddox Jack Johnson, Madden Jack Johnson,
Her first name is going to be Mckinley but we cant decide on which middle name to go with it.

Baby Names: Reann (Pronounced Ree-Anne), Rose,
Help me to pic one! rafael is the name ..but the middle name ?

Baby Names: Bohdan, uri, Josh,
We have a top 3 :) we are sticking with the names on the list it's possible we will change around the names ( Coone is said just like Coon)

Baby Names: Saybrie Bristol Coone, Skylynn Grace Coone, Tynnleigh Nicole Coone,
Just trying to decide... Thanks!

Baby Names: Brayden Thomas Hurley, Dylan Thomas Hurley, Nathan Thomas Hurley,

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