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Girl Baby Names Poll Baby Names Poll:

Help us decide - We are struggling on which name sounds and flows nice. Please help...

Claire Annabella James
Millie Maryann James
Claire Abigail James
Millie Mary James

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Vote on our daughter's name. ;)

Baby Names: Cameron Everly, Mallory Kate,
Our first son is called Evan Samuel and we have a daughter called Theodora Hester nn Teddy. We don't really know what to call our son but we have a few ideas.

Baby Names: Desmond, Henry, Jack, Beau,
This poll is for a Indian girl baby name .

Baby Names: Anjali, Mira, Trisha, Ariana,
Baby Names: Emmet James, Aidan James, Harrison James, Cian James,
Looking for some input on these baby names for our second son. Our other son's name is Liam.

Baby Names: Everett Ray, Jonah Ray, Charlie Ray, Harrison Ray,
Baby Names: Mikah, Elias, Luka, Keaton,

Baby Names: Maisie, Harper, Averie, Auri,
Prego brain is at its best and I can't make a decision. Chris and I are also unable to agree so please vote and help us come up with a name for baby girl!

Baby Names: Adriana Marie, Aria Marie, Giada Maria, Kyla Marie,
Baby Names: Eva Samantha, Kimber Elise,
We have decided on a first name but having trouble agreeing on a middle name. None are family names, just names we like. Please choose your favourite combination!

Baby Names: Tara Rose, Tara Elizabeth, Tara Leilani, Tara Marie,
Baby Names: Mason George Harris, Isaac George Harris, Jackson George Harris,
I want to name my Baby Girl Charlie but am having trouble deciding how to spell it so it will be girly

Baby Names: Charleigh, Charlee, Charli, Charley,
Trying to decide between 4 different middle names to go with Madison

Baby Names: Madison Emmett, Madison Isaac, Madison Lyle, Madison Jasper,
Having a hard time deciding. Which do you like the best?

Baby Names: Ada, Sophie, Hattie,
Please help us choose a name for our little girl!

Baby Names: Claire, Hadley,
Need help decideing on a name for 2nd baby girl sister to Ava Renee thanks

Baby Names: Teagan, Sophia, Phoebe,
Baby Names: Zadkiel, Josiah, Zachiel, Nigel,
Which middle name do you like best for Mina with the last name being Gere (pronounced like Richard Gere)? Thanks!

Baby Names: Mina Diane Gere, Mina Caroline Gere, Mina Suzanne Gere, Mina Renee Gere,
One more week so I need help!

Baby Names: Reese Golden, Vivienne Golden,
Which of these do you like the most?

Baby Names: Aryet & Arwen, Leleini & Leleisha, Dianca & Diora, Silver Mae & Goldie Rae,

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