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Expecting b/g twins. Girl poll already posted.

Baby Names: Aidan Frend Curtis, Ryan Steve Curtis, Jason Dean Curtis, Kevin Daniel Curtis,
Expecting a twin boy with this twin girl.

Baby Names: Andrea Blair Curtis, Laurine Rose Curtis, Kendra Dena Curtis, Avery Quinn Curtis,
Which name you like best ?

Baby Names: Austin, Declan, Jake, Shane,
How would you spell the girl name pronounced "Te-neel"?

Baby Names: Teniel, Tenel, Teneil, Teneal,
We can't decide whether Madelyn or Madeline is better. We want it prounced as "Mad-eh-lynn". But, does Madeline look prettier, and will she always be correcting people on the spelling of Madelyn? Would you rather someone pronounced your na

Baby Names: Madeline, Madelyn,
Please leave a comment, I am interested in opinions. The options are family names. We would consider variations of these names but nothing totally different.

Baby Names: anna lucy, anna natalie,
Our surname is Drake and we have two daughters called Grace Margaret and Emily Joanne we would like a name to tie in....

Baby Names: Lydia, Elizabeth, Callie, Mia,
Our surname is Drake and we have two daughters called Grace Margaret and Emily Joanne we would like a name to tie in....

Baby Names: Lydia, Elizabeth, Callie, Mia,
Which names sounds easier to pronounce and more multicultural?

Baby Names: Maite, Melani,
A few of my favorite girl names.

Baby Names: Guinevere, Jocelyn, Amara, Genevieve,
Help choose a baby name with the initials a a c!

Baby Names: Aidan Addison Curtis, Addison Aidan Curtis, Abe Adam Curtis,
Need help choosing the name! Boys: Ayden Alexander Anthony Ashton Austynn Britton Cameron Connor Dahvie David Destery Isaac Isaiah Jaden Jayy Jordynn Kayden Lucas Maxx Nathan Rhys (Reese) River Sterling Trystann Tylerr Girls

Baby Names: Names, In, Description, Which Ones?,
Baby Names: Harry, Zack, Zachary,
Irish names. My name is irish, so is my sons, and i am expecting a girl.

Baby Names: Adyson Michelle, Americas Michelle, Aliysin Michelle, Keiarah Michelle,
Please choose the name you like best.

Baby Names: Everley Jane, Evelyn Grace, Livia Jane (Liv for short), Reese charlotte,
Big brothers are Austin and Preston. Please help us pick a name! Thank you!

Baby Names: Asher, Kellen, Parker, Cruz,
Hi I'm having a little girl and she is joining my 2 other daughters Elida and Orly

Baby Names: Nora Hallie, Gigi Love, Yankee Belle, Hanna Levi,
cant decide on a middle name for Jasmine. Our last name is pronounced Prue-any.

Baby Names: Jasmine Danielle, Jasmine Nicole, Jasmine Ruth, Jasmine Sophia,
Could You Help Im Stuck

Baby Names: Rikkia Jonae, Da'Sanae Marie, Tymariah Jonae, Malashae Marie,
we are down to 2 names and I was wondering others thoughts

Baby Names: Annaliese Faith, Annaliese Naomi,

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