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Petra or Afton? - Petra or Afton? Our last name is long and Greek! (we have a 2 year old name Alistair)


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We need a name ASAP. Hubby and I can't decide.

Baby Names: Lyla Marie, Dylan Marie,
My husband and I are having boy girl twins and we are naming our son Jameson Cash. We are struggling for a middle name for his sister. We are going to name her Stella but are at a loss for a middle name. Please choose from our top three below.

Baby Names: Stella James, Stella Monroe, Stella Jolie,
I'm looking for suggestions on which Boy name to go with? My options are Cooper, Logan and Parker. The middle name is going to be Joseph and the last name is Ruzzini. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Baby Names: Logan, Parker, Cooper,
I am only 8 weeks but really in love with only one girl and one boy name. I adore Percy (Perseus greek hero) for a boy and Odette (swan princess name) for a girl. I really enjoy names that are unique and classic with some fantasy meaning. Who didnt want t

Baby Names: Perseus (Percy) Alexander, Odette Guinevere,
2 Girls 1 Boy

Baby Names: Jared Kelsi Kenzie, Liam Kelsi Amanda, Liam Alana Kenzie, Weston Amaya Alana,
We're expecting 2 boys and one girl. Help us pick the boys names here

Baby Names: Tamm Bleir, Binn Neut, Takk Illian, Oakai Morre,
We're expecting 2 boys and one girl. Help us pick the little girls name here :*

Baby Names: Yaaght Eesa, Wanylee Seytan, Ashteagan Keat, Nayteellie Karllyie,
What name and spelling do you prefer?

Baby Names: Roxanna, Rafaela, Roxanne, Raphaella,
Big sisters are Emilia and Grace

Baby Names: Phoebe, Bridget (nn Birdie),
Poll of names for Baby Jones!

Baby Names: Ava Rosalie Jones, Ivy Sophia Jones, Elena Iris Jones,
My husband is pretty stubborn and will only consider these four names. Please help. Margo is fun but I wonder if it may be too different, I don't care about the Mary-Kate Olsen reference, or Marilyn Monroe. I just want a pretty name, thats not top te

Baby Names: Mary-Kate, Marilyn, Margo, Madeline,
My husband and I need help in deciding without telling our family.

Baby Names: Kinsley Jo, Kaylee Beth,
We need you help for the Emma's baby brother. Family Name is Kapp. Thanks!

Baby Names: James, Eddy, Hugo, Lenny,
We are deciding between these names. Ruth is a family name that we are using for the middle name.

Baby Names: Abigail Ruth Kennedy, Mary Ruth Kennedy, Colette Ruth Kennedy, Sloane Ruth Kennedy,
We were not expecting a girl and now we are stuck! Help us pick a name for our little princess. Last name starts with A.

Baby Names: Jasmine Victoria, Vivian Victoria, Juliet Victoria,
Which name do you like best for our little girl?

Baby Names: Everly Rue, Everly Selah, Elodie Rae, Elodie Rue,
We already have Avery William and Isaiah Joseph. Which name sounds better with these two?

Baby Names: William Michael, Elias Jacob, Owen Michael,
We are due in 2 days and we still cant decide!

Baby Names: Grayson Grant, Issac Bailey, Asher James, Logan Grant,
stuck on a middle name

Baby Names: kylie jean, kylie christine, kylie mae,
Which combination do you like best? Big sister is Brinley Claire

Baby Names: Elodie Rue, Everly Rue, Elodie Londyn, Everly Morgan,

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