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Buneti Family Invitation - Hey everyone, we are inviting you to join and be a part of naming of our precious little star. Please be a part of this auspicious event and shower your blessings to little one --Shiva & Deepthi

Diya Buneti
Disha Buneti
Sana Buneti
Akshara Buneti

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I love girls boy like names

Baby Names: Rowen Emelia, Copeland Arian, Willow Vell,
Baby Names: Vyla, Kaylee, Makalya, Eowen,

Baby Names: Brasil, CRISH,
Down to our final 2 and could use some help :)

Baby Names: Gabriel(Gabe), Nathaniel(Nate),
Please help name our baby boy! Big brothers are Tristan, Alexander (Xander) and Jackson. Thank you!

Baby Names: Gage, Julian, Beckham,
Please vote for the name you like the most. He will be joining big brothers Tristan, Alexander (Xander) and Jackson. Thanks!

Baby Names: Bennett, Beckett, Finlay/Finley, Rooney,
Please help us decide. I love both names, and any feedback is appreciated.

Baby Names: Colette Isabelle, Leah Renee,
First baby! Excited for a little boy want a strong name.

Baby Names: Roman, Aspen, Leo, Mason,
Please help me choose your favourite name from this list. Middle name Anne, last name Smit

Baby Names: Luna Anne Smit, Libby Anne Smit, Pippa Anne Smit, Charlee Anne Smit,
My older daughter is named Laila.

Baby Names: Violet, Savannah, Audrey, Charlotte,
Having a hard time choosing between the two names. I like Macy, but I dont like that it's related to the Department Store Macy's. I like Zadie what name do you like best? Thank you for your help.

Baby Names: Macy, Zadie,
having a girl please help choose

Baby Names: addison jade, brooklyn rose,
Hi y'all! I'm expecting my 5th child, another boy! My other kids names are Gunnar Trey 7, Blake Allen and Duke Montgomery 4(identical twins) and Maeve Ann 2. Please help us decide what to name our little boy. Thanks!

Baby Names: Wyatt, Cohen, Ryder, Case,
Our 4th and final baby!!

Baby Names: Rowen, Avalyn, Everlee, Katerina,
Baby Names: Hobby Belle, Bay Rose, Navy Belle, Kirby Bay,
Please help us choose!!

Baby Names: Hannah, Lacey, Kayla, Emily,
Please help us take a decision between Dorian and Salah!

Baby Names: Dorian, Salah,
Please help us with a middle name to go with David! Thank you! :-)

Baby Names: David Jack, David Xander, David Lawrence, David Levi,
Please help me choose which girl name is the best!

Baby Names: Masyn McKinleigh, Emery Karsyn, Kennedy DeLynn, Avery Rylan,
Can't decide on a middle name! Love animal names, but don't want him to be made fun of. Though these days it seems like the stranger the better. Please help!

Baby Names: Jonah Bear, Jonah Hamilton,

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