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Baby Name Poll: French darling needs a name!?

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French darling needs a name!?
Our last name is French to match.

Élodie (el-oh-dee)
Aurélie (auh-rah-lee)
Caroline (carr-oh-lin)
Dorothée (door-ah-tay) "Thea"

Caroline (carr-oh-lin): 50%
Caroline (carr-oh-lin) Rating

Élodie (el-oh-dee): 25%
Élodie (el-oh-dee) Rating

Aurélie (auh-rah-lee): 25%
Aurélie (auh-rah-lee) Rating

Dorothée (door-ah-tay) "Thea": 0%
Dorothée (door-ah-tay) "Thea" Rating

Total Votes: 4

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