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Which do you like with a long last name? - Our last name is Italian-sounding and 4 syllables. Starts with an "A" but pronounced "On".

Luca Raphael
Rhys William
August Michael "Gus"
Ellis James

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Baby Name Poll: Help me pick please :)

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Help me pick please :)
Hi, please help me pick between these names girls as really can't decide. 1st baby. Little boy due 14th August

Ethan Stephen
Frankie Christopher
Sonny Stephen

Ethan Stephen: 64.2857142857%
Ethan Stephen Rating

Sonny Stephen: 64.2857142857%
Sonny Stephen Rating

Frankie Christopher: 42.8571428571%
Frankie Christopher Rating

Stevie: 7.14285714286%
Stevie Rating

Total Votes: 14

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