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Baby Name Poll: Name the twins

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Name the twins
Me and my husband are expecting are 5&6 child. He has a son from a previous relationship called Marley, I also have a daughter from a previous relationship called Landry and together we have William (7) Sophie(6) Bethan (4) and Jesse-James (18 months)

Hollie and Carter
Kelsey and Joshua
Molly and Weston
Sasha and Maverick

Molly and Weston: 31.25%
Molly and Weston Rating

Sasha and Maverick: 29.1666666667%
Sasha and Maverick Rating

Hollie and Carter: 22.9166666667%
Hollie and Carter Rating

Kelsey and Joshua: 18.75%
Kelsey and Joshua Rating

Total Votes: 48

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