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  • ladydee 08-25-06 | 05:15 PM
  • I know how you feel. I just had one on 07/24/2006, I had to get a D&C done. I started back trying on that friday. Which I'm hoping that we are again. Monday my cycle didn't come I'm hoping that this is a good sign for me. What do you think?Should I take a test now are what?
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 08-25-06 | 06:40 PM
  • I would test now but your cycle may be messed up from the m/c and you may have even ovulated later then normal. my m/c was 7/12/06 so just before yours and I just got af yesterday. good luck I hope you get BFP soon.
  • tammiane tammiane's Avatar 08-25-06 | 07:35 PM
  • I'm sorry you've had to go through this.

    After my m/c my dr suggested waiting a couple of cycles. We did, and got pg again fairly quickly (which Ive heard is common after a m/c). Anyway, he's a happy, healthy 19mos old now! You'll probably always worry about it happening again but the odds are in your favor that it wont. Hang in there and GL when you decide to ttc again. Hugs.
  • fsugoddess fsugoddess's Avatar 08-27-06 | 09:01 AM
  • Thanks everyone! DH and I are going to start TTC in Oct. Dr said to wait 2 normal cycles to allow the cervix to get back to normal. Now it feels like the days are dragging by! LOL.