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Beta's are in

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  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 07-02-08 | 10:35 PM
  • Well, I go to get my 2nd beta in the am. I'm nervous but I have had NO cramps or any PMS symptoms...then again no pregnancy ones either. Except a really bad back ache this week, and who knows what that is from!
    But I did test again tonight with the Digital EPT and it was BFP and I did another internet cheapie tonight and the line is darker, so I'm hoping that is a good sign! I am so nervous though! Anyway thanks for you comments and I'll update tomorrow after the office calls with my results!!!
  • Mrs.Emily Mrs.Emily's Avatar 07-03-08 | 10:32 AM
  • My doctor's office just called my beta is 72!!!!!!! It WAY MORE than doubled!! I'm so happy! It's never doubled the second time, it's always gone down, stayed the same, or just went up a couple of MIU's! OMG! I'm in shock....I'm still too scared to get TOO excited because I know that they're going to have to do some more going up by Monday (my next test). I feel better knowing that I've gotten this milestone down, a million to go!!! LOL (BTW I am 14 DPO today)
  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 07-03-08 | 10:47 AM
  • Congrats - you need to come over with me to the DD January to March 2009 board!