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Crazy chart after m/c

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  • hopetobemomofthree hopetobemomofthree's Avatar 01-11-09 | 03:16 PM
  • Hello ladies, as most of you know I had a miscarriage 12/6 at 5 wks. We were told to wait for three cycles, so that is the plan. But I am so confused about my cycle. I know that cycles after a m/c things can be different for a while. Anyways, before the m/c my LP was 12 days, today is 16dpo and still no sign of AF, did I maybe not have an ovulatory cycle like I thought? Would you look at my chart and tell me what you think? Thanks ladies

    Do know that we had unprotected sex 9 days before O. The other times before O we used condoms. So I don't think there are great chances of pregnancy, what do you think? My chart is at the VERY bottom of my signature.
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 01-11-09 | 03:52 PM
  • Well my af just started this morning after 33 days.I think I O'd on day 20? I don't temp and didn't use opk's but just by cm it looks to be about the time.
    I don't know about the temping but looks like your body is just trying to adjust itself.I had a beta at less then 2 on December 19th so it still took me another week to o' after that.
    I sure hope af shows soon for you and off to another cycle.
    Dh and I are probably going to skip ttc this month.He is deploying in late June and wont be home until Mid November and if we conceive this month my due date would be October 18 and also 4 days before my dd birthday.Who knows though we may change our minds between now and then.

    I hope your cycles get regular soon!
  • hopetobemomofthree hopetobemomofthree's Avatar 01-11-09 | 04:18 PM
  • Thanks Carrie. I had a <2 beta also on 12/8 and I didn't O until about 18 days later. I just am so interested in knowing what is going on with my LP! Anywho this is day 37, glad AF showed, now it is your turn to chant for me!
  • mama05 01-21-09 | 07:51 PM
  • I feel like I am in the same boat as you. I had a m/c Sept 2008, and have been ttc ever since. I waited the suggested one cycle which took 30 days after the d+c, my cycle has been irregular ever since going form 40 days to 32 days to 36 days. I have no clue when I am fertile and I really want to have another baby.