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  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 11-03-05 | 12:05 PM
  • Erin!

    I'm so excited to see you around. I know I told you countless times, but I look forward to updated pictures of Ava.

    I went for my u/s and the 2 cysts are still there and exactly the same size. RE said it looks like I need another lap. (Which I'm not too pleased about) I am waiting for my results from my endocrinologist. I get those on November 16. He was the one testing my WHOLE endocrine system. If I don't get any answers there then I plan on trying a Holistic Practitioner. I won't even consider another lap until MAYBE some time next year.

    How are you doing?
  • emg92702 emg92702's Avatar 11-03-05 | 08:53 PM
  • Oh Mandi, I'm so sorry things are so frustrating for you! It is just NOT fair at all.
    I so hope your endocrinologist has some good answers for you and a great game plan.

    I'm doing well. Nervous as hell about this pregnancy. It feels like things are going well even though I'm so early still, but that almost scares me even more to feel optimistic about it. I get to have an ultrasound next week on Wednesday, so I'm just holding my breath until then.

    There are a bunch of new pics of Ava up on our website. The link is in my sig.

    You're in my thoughts!

  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 11-06-05 | 01:05 AM
  • OMG Erin I am so excited for you! I have been having the hardest time getting on here and didn't know your good news! I will be
    that everything goes great with this pg and you have another beautiful baby in your arms very soon.
  • emg92702 emg92702's Avatar 11-06-05 | 12:10 PM
  • Thanks so much Melanie!!