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Feeling down

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  • Just30 11-10-07 | 04:29 PM
  • I am feeling down today. We have been back in the TTC mode since I had my "period". Now I'm worried that it wasn't a real period. It came on about 3 weeks after my loss and only lasted for 2 days.
    This morning I decided to "temp"...just to see. It was about 83.6...when I checked with my previous charts, that high of a temp only came along around the 20th day or so. It was much lower directly after my period and until after ovulation.

    So basically, I feel like I am not around "O" time like I thought

    I don't know what is going on with my body, but I will continue to use the OPK to see when I do ovulate.

    I'm just bummed b/c I thought I was "back" and now I think there is just more WAITING.
  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 11-10-07 | 10:21 PM
  • don't feel so down! I know how much you want to get back into the TTC thing, but maybe this was your body's way of putting the brakes on for the time being. Things will work out, just keep listening to your body
    TTC can be a bumpy road, but you'll get to your destination sooner or later!
  • Just30 11-11-07 | 10:37 AM
  • Thank you...I'm trying. I just feel like (as most everyone on this board), all I do is WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting frustrated and sad. I just do not know where I am in my cycle and that makes me feel lost. I thought I knew where I was....even if we didn't conceive this month, at least I knew that I was on the road to get there. Now I'm not quite sure what is going on. I'm an inpatient person to begin with and this is just hard.