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Finding this frustrating!

Finding this frustrating!

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  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 09-20-07 | 08:43 PM

    I bed your patience girls while I complain/whine a bit -- ok a lot!!

    OK, the red river witch is finally off to haunt someone else!! Phew!!

    TMI-- it's been since July-Early August since DH and I have DTD because of various factors and mainly the ectopic... Well, I'd like to get back to business with DH and the doctor says NO!!!!


    The doctor says no romance until my BCG numbers drop to zero. My numbers have gone from over 6,000 to just above 1,000. There is no way this pregnancy is continuing, especially since the second round of methotrexate is hitting it's highest efficiency this week. The doctor said the last number drop could take another month!!!

    Why can't we just use protection??

    Sorry for the rant! I just need to get laid and I'd like the emotional comfort of it, too!!! Poor DH!!!
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 09-20-07 | 08:46 PM
  • That's CRAPPY!!!

    Doctors also say no DTD for six weeks after giving birth but how many women break THAT rule?

    I say that if you're protected and you feel comfortable with it, it's probably fine.

    At this point, I'd probably LOVE it if my doc gave me that advice.
    But depending on the results of the u/s tomorrow, I could be on the methotrexate trail right behind you.
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 09-21-07 | 09:39 PM
  • I swore I responded to this earlier today.....
    I've been so tired, I must have hit close instead of post.


    I hope you're not on the metho bandwagon with me -- it's too drawn out! I guess it's time to break with the doctors orders (which I really don't do ever) and have my way with the man. But not now -- I want sleep more!!