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How about some updates?

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  • sarehl sarehl's Avatar 02-10-05 | 09:46 AM
  • I'm 13DPiui and can't test, mainly because I don't want to ruin my vacation weekend with my pregnant friend. Also, I'm too scared. I vascillate between being certain I'm pregnant (I'm exhausted! i'm nauseous! my nipple hurts! i'm still bloated from the trigger shot! i was really crampy 8dpo!) and being certain I'm not (i feel perfectly fine! the bloating is going away!). So basically I'm losing my very last marble. Pitty party for me.

    Jacqui, how are YOU?? How's it going? How are you feeling??
  • Cracker_Jac Cracker_Jac's Avatar 02-12-05 | 06:53 AM
  • Well I sure hope my fertility vibes pass on to all of you!!

    Thanks for asking about me, Sarah! I am doing all right, just very exhausted with this pregnancy. I have 0 energy and my patience is so low. I am suffering big time with m/s and hopefully the prescriptioin my OB gave me will help ease some of this.

    Other than that.. I really haven't been doing much. Marco is quite a little ham, and keeps me busy. He is a very active little boy!