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  • fsugoddess fsugoddess's Avatar 08-31-06 | 08:04 PM
  • does one normally bleed after miscarrying? I miscarried last Tuesday after spotting since the Friday before. I basically stopped bleeding Monday this week and went in for a beta recheck on Wed. Tonight I am starting to bleed again. Not heavy, but enough where I put on a pad in case it got heavier. (Sorry if TMI). I wasnt sure if this is normal or not. I can call tomorrow to check and see where my Beta level is to gauge me there.
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 08-31-06 | 11:48 PM
  • It only lasted 4 day's with me but everyone is different. I think that if your further along then you bleed longer and if the bleeding dont stop soon the dr might need to do a D&C so you should call them and just let them know what's going on. Sorry you are going through all this, I hope your cycle get back on track soon.
  • fsugoddess fsugoddess's Avatar 09-01-06 | 07:51 AM
  • Thanks. I wasnt really that far along- 6 weeks- and the bleeding has lightened again. Hopefully it completely stops this weekend. I really dont want a D&C.
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 09-01-06 | 05:54 PM
  • I was 12 weeks along. Even after a D&C, I bled heavily for 10 days, then off and on for another week.