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how long to wait before ttc again????

how long to wait before ttc again????

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  • Leeann Leeann's Avatar 05-31-05 | 12:48 PM
  • a
    Ava is beautiful too!, Kaydence was almost name Ava, i loved that name, i still do.

    I think i am fine to start ttc again, the thought of waiting till august is heartbreaking, it's not like i can get pg easily, it took ttc for a year to concieve with my ectopic.what if it takes another year?!?!?!? now thats a scary though!
  • TrishL TrishL's Avatar 06-01-05 | 01:54 AM
  • I think you can TTC again with the next cycle. According to my doc, there is no problem with TTC the next cycle after a m/c if there is no D&C and your beta levels are down to zero. I'm sure glad you are going for it. Maybe this will be the month

  • Ellie Bellie Ellie Bellie's Avatar 06-15-05 | 01:30 AM
  • ... if you had a d & c, how long did your OB tell you to wait to TTC again? my OB first told me to wait 2 AF's ... but b/c i had read about so much variation b/w OB's about waiting ~ anywhere from right away to 6 months, i asked my OB what the reason was to wait out 2 cycles ... her response was that 2 months actually was kind of arbitrary that it's not much different than waiting 1 or 3 but that it seemed to make sense to at least allow 1 cycle to rebuild the uterine lining ~ which i understood ... i've also read however that waiting at least 1 cycle is easier later if in fact you do get pg so that there is a LMP date to go off of for EDD ...

    anyways ... why do i ask? dh and i have been dtd alot this month after the first AF post d&c and it's possible we'll get a bfp this month ... it's been kind of like preparing to ttc but dh seems to be a bit upset b/c he thinks my body needs another month or so to recouperate ... i keep telling him what our OB said and it is my understanding that much of the recovery is emotional ... with our m/c we didn't find out about the pg until the baby was 8 wks. ... then by the time we got to see the OB we'd only known about the pg for like 2 wks. ... so there wasn't a whole lot of time in which to get emotionally amped up about the pg ... not to say that it wasn't heartbreaking to find out that the baby had stopped developing at 10 wks. but the pg was a surprise amidst a very hectic time ...

    anyways ... i'm rambling ... just wanted to find out what other women in similar situations might have been told by their OB's ...

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