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HSG Follow Up Appt

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  • Tamsin Tamsin's Avatar 02-07-06 | 05:19 PM
  • Hi there,

    Apologies for delay in posting, but it's been a bit manic since I got back from my appt!

    Basically good news, in that, although as suspected right tube is totally blocked, the left it appears not only filled quickly, but also spilled! Hoorah! So it seems I have one functioning tube and thus do at least have a 50/50, (not sure of actual % rate), chance of conceiving naturally.

    He said it would not be worth trying to unblock the right one, as it is likely to be a fruitless task as all the while there is a cyst there, the tube will be stretched and swollen and thus blocked. I'd already discussed removing the 3rd accessory ovary, where the cyst is growing on, with the other Con that I see, but he concluded it would be too riskier surgery, causing likely adhesions and potential blood clots

    So, we have no choice but to carry on with the weight loss, as they can do nothing more for me until I get to the desired BMI of 30 or less - currently at 42!! Not a nice thing, but a case of having no other option available!

    My Con today was very encouraging and wrote out the plan etc - which is to basically lose as much as I can, as quickly as it is safely possible to do and then go back and see him once I achieved the goal of at least 74kg - currently 105kg!

    In the meantime contact my Primary Care Trust and find out their clinical criteria for IVF, what hospitals they are contracted to use etc, so I'm forewarned. Obviously we will try our very damndest to get it on the NHS, (the UK healthcare system), but if not possible, we will have no choice but to pay!

    However, in the meantime, get busy doing plenty of the mattress mambo (!!), in the hope that we manage to fall naturally! Which of course would be the best result and the first hurdle overcome. Then it'll just be trying to keep the pregnancy!!

  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 02-09-06 | 12:27 AM

    I am sorry about the right tube. It sounds like you have a good plan set up, I am just sorry that it might not happen as fast as you'd like. I hope you are able to drop your weight quickly and safely and you can move on with the next part of your plan. What are the odds of getting the NHS to pay for your IVF? I hope that you get that. I think of you often and I am always sending good hopes and thoughts your way.
  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 02-09-06 | 09:35 AM
  • Tamsin~

    I wish you had better news about BOTH tubes. That being said, it does sound like you have a good plan of action in place. I just wish this could happen "naturally" for us. I think of you often and wish this would be so much easier. You know that I'm praying for you. Good luck on the weight loss and if you see awesome results, let me know your secret. I could stand to lose some weight also.

    Good Luck and Take care of yourself.