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I am flip-flopping like crazy! (sort of long!)

I am flip-flopping like crazy! (sort of long!)

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  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 08-12-10 | 02:24 PM

    I know it's a tough decision, but when the "right time" comes around, you'll just know
    It's kinda like when you find the guy you want to marry, you just know!
    Good luck with whatever decision you come up with
    Remember, no matter what happens, you have the support of everyone here!
Thank you koala_kaper!
MrsS1stbaby (08-12-10)
  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 08-12-10 | 02:27 PM
  • I struggle with it every day! I'm OCD and I have to make myself let things go and just enjoy life a bit.
Thank you ~babydoll~!
MrsS1stbaby (08-12-10)
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 08-12-10 | 10:00 PM
  • Well, it seems like you are trying to bring lots of issues together at once here.

    Deciding to have another baby is a tough one no matter if you've had a miscarriage or it's your first try. Lots of big issues like $$$, daycare, insurance, more $$$ and lifestyle.

    I will say that having had three kids out of five pregnancies, the nerves never really subside. Money can get better if you really work at it. And, some days will always be better than others with newborns, toddlers and tweens.

    Don't worry about the planning part. Babies come on their own time (with conception & delivery). Just be at peace with the choice to move forward and enlarge your family or enjoy what you already have.

    Good luck!
Thank you Oreo!
MrsS1stbaby (08-12-10)