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i am going to explode (in laws!!!)

i am going to explode (in laws!!!)

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  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 04-06-08 | 08:47 PM

    You're NOT alone in feeling like that. I'm sorry your vacation was a dud--I was really hoping you'd come back refreshed and renewed.
  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 04-06-08 | 08:50 PM
  • well that was the idea-refresh and renew. but we go on and get by all the bad stuff. i am looking forward to going back to school and work and getting that much closer to summer vacation! i don't know if or when a baby will be in the works for us, but there is a baby coming in the family and i need to be happy at least for that! its going to be hard!
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 04-06-08 | 08:53 PM
  • It's such a strange dichotomy, isn't it? On one hand, you're happy that a new baby is coming and on the other hand, your heart breaks and kind of (gasp) resents that new baby.

    I think we've all experienced that funky emotion at some point.
  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 04-06-08 | 08:54 PM
  • yeah-gasp-i do feel like that. all i want more than anything is to be a mom. i just get scared that i'll never get that. i think that's what bothers me the most.
  • jillrn jillrn's Avatar 04-06-08 | 10:16 PM
  • I felt your way for many a years! Hugs!!