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IUI in about 2wk

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  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 10-22-07 | 04:10 PM
  • Alright. We're doing it. IUI this cycle. My trigger shot is on order. I've just said NO the clomid
    I hope this works. Getting back in the sadle is rough! But now that we're going for it, it seems right. Gee i've missed the TWW boards....
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 10-22-07 | 07:44 PM


    Here's one for your journey!!!

    Here's hoping this one hits the right spot and sticks!!!

  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 10-22-07 | 08:11 PM
  • Congratulations on making a decision. I assume talking to DH went well then?

    I'm all for your BFP in a few weeks.
    I can't wait to celebrate your goood news SOOOOOOOON!!!!!