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The longest 2 months of my life!

The longest 2 months of my life!

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  • 3Princes 02-11-09 | 11:36 PM
  • This whole process feels like it's taking FOREVER! It doesn't help that it's the middle of winter, freezing cold, and my wireless has been broken for weeks now-- leaving me sitting by the freezing cold slider if I want to get online at home.
    So far, I haven't had a period. My temp this morning was 98.1, which is normally a post-ovulatory temp, but I haven't been temping with any regularity so who knows if I ovulated or not.
    The RE says if AF doesn't show on her own by the end of Feb, she'll give me some provera to bring it on. I'm guessing she'll show, which means then I have to wait another cycle before trying again. There goes my chances for a 2009 baby!
    OOh am I angry!


    I try not to think of it but I am!
    I'm so ready to be pregnant again but so NOT ready for all the crap that has to go along with it for me. This m/c has definitely put me back a few steps in dealing with the "why me?" factor.
    Sorry for all that... UGH UGH UGH! (If ya can't tell, I actually think AF is due sooner rather than later).
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 02-11-09 | 11:43 PM


    I know how you feel...its a horrible feeling.I hope AF shows up ASAP!
  • wymeg wymeg's Avatar 02-12-09 | 04:26 PM
  • Well I am so sorry for all of us going through this crap!! I am having the same why me? stuff.
    I have no idea when I will be able to even try to conceive. Just finally today it seems my bleeding is stopping. Which after having instructions to have no intercourse ever since we found out we were prego. Will be kinda nice since Valentines is this weekend.
    I hope you get Af soon so things can get moving for you. Maybe we can all get BFP the same month. 2010 is a good birthyear don't you think. I like the due date 02/10/2010. We shall see, I am putting the cart before the horse since I don't even know when or if I will o at all in the next few months.
    Hugs and good luck to all!
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 02-12-09 | 11:15 PM


    I remember being there last year after the ectopic and cancer.... It sucks! I had a lot of the "why me?" going on as well.