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  • sarehl sarehl's Avatar 02-23-05 | 09:08 PM
  • So it's Wednesday...what's up?? Has AF shown yet?? When are you going in for your u/s -- will it be on cd3??

    I want news, girl!


    Chant with me here:

    No More Cysts!
    No More Cysts!
    No More Cysts!
    No More Cysts!
  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 02-24-05 | 09:53 AM
  • Hey Sarah~

    Well, it's Thursday morning and cramps are coming on big time. Looks like I will probably start sometime today. Depending on when I start I will probably have u/s on Friday or Monday.

    No More Cysts
    No More Cysts
    No More Cysts

    How is your cycle of BCP going?
  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 02-24-05 | 11:28 AM
  • Sarah~

    As soon as I finished my message to you the witch decided to show her face. I called and my u/s is for tomorrow morning (Friday). They were booked so I have to go and just sit and wait to be fitted in. Wish me luck~
  • sarehl sarehl's Avatar 02-24-05 | 08:46 PM
  • Yay, progress!! GOOD LUCK tomorrow. I'll be thinking cyst-less thoughts for you. Let me know what happens!!




  • Tamsin Tamsin's Avatar 02-25-05 | 11:13 AM
  • Good luck with the U/S Mandi - let us know how you got on.