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My Laparotomy Follow Up Appt Update

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Old 08-06-05, 12:00 PM
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Default My Laparotomy Follow Up Appt Update

Hi All,

Well thought I’d update you on what happened at my follow-up appt today!

He talked through the procedure again and what had been found. Which to summarise, in simple terms, was that the cyst, (which was benign by the way, thank gawd), was actually grown from/attached to an additional ovary! That’s right I had a 3rd ovary! A very rare thing! He asked had I seen a James Bond film where one of the baddie characters had, had a 3rd nipple!! He said, well in a similar vain, you just have an extra ovary!

Not quite sure why this had not been picked up before? Possibly because it was buried quite deep – I have a deep pelvis he said – and had also would have been covered by the cyst!!! I cannot remember from all that he was telling us, whether or not he removed the 3rd ovary as well as the cyst or was able to just drain and cut away the cyst from it – had to take in a lot of into, so difficult to remember it all! He did dictate a letter to my GP whilst we were there and I think I’ll get a copy, so hopefully it’ll give a better account of things! He said the left ovary had shown signs of having recently been ovulated from – which as I got my AF, 4 days post Op would make sense! The right ovary was fine.

The other surprising thing was, and let this be a lesson to you never to trust a Dr 100%, is that it turns out not only was my right tube stretched and swollen and also blocked, from the cyst , but that also my left tube had been blocked – he did say possible reasons, but can’t remember now! I had an HSG done in March ’03 and from memory, both tubes “filled and spilled”, but when I asked Raj (the Con I see at St Mary’s), whether there was likely to have been any change from then until when I last saw him in Jan ’05, he said No!!!!

He then went on to say he had, had to use quite a lot of pressure, when the dye was being passed thru the left tube, to unblock it, but it did eventually clear. Again can’t remember what he said about the right one. So having had both tubes blocked, no wonder I wasn’t falling PG! He says the right tube should have shrunk back and start functioning again by about 12 wks post Op. Fingers crossed it will be clear also.

So in conclusion, he said give it 6 months of ttc and if nothing happens, go back and have a repeat HSG – which I’ll probably get done at St Mary’s – (as private healthcare does not cover Infertility Investigations, which an HSG would be seen as) – to see what was happening with the tube/s! We may also get DH a repeat S.A., just to be on the safe side, but this can be done on the NHS. He last one in March ’03 was fine – but things do change!

The scar itself is healing well and he was pleased with progress. He said the tiny hole that was there and that had leaked a little blood would heal up totally in a week or two, but to just keep an eye. He said I could start swimming in 2-3 weeks time and could resume TTC as soon as I feel able – which is likely to be after my next AF.

So that's it, in a nutshell! As I say there was a lot to take in, but overall, I do now feel more confident that our odds have been increased greatly and I hope to be able to share some happy news before the years out - how cool would that be!

Thanks for reading!

Love Tamsin
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Old 08-08-05, 08:42 AM
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I hope you don't have to wait the full 6 months. A 3rd ovary~ I never would have even guessed. I know what you mean about not trusting your doctor 100%. I'm having trouble with my RE right now (long story). I'm so glad things are starting to look up for you and DH. Good Luck and Keep us posted.
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Old 08-09-05, 02:01 PM
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I'm glad you got some answers and a clear plan ahead for you
for success
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Old 08-09-05, 02:22 PM
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Wow it sounds like it was a very productive and informative. A third ovary, was it producing eggs? Hopefully when you get the doc's report all the things he was saying will all come together. I am glad that you found out your tubes were blocked and they have been cleared! I will be thinking of you and hoping for the very best!
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Old 08-17-05, 09:53 AM
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I am sitting here with my mouth wide open and heart a leaping! I truly, truly want this so bad for you! The doctor sounds amazing, informative and caring of your success rate! Oh God, I pray this is it for you!!


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