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  • Pinktales 12-29-05 | 02:29 PM
  • I had a blighten ovum at 9 weeks and a D&C last week. Dr said I need to get 2 full periods before TTC. I have heard others not waiting. Anyone here have exp with this. I normally do what the Dr tells me but I have heard others not waiting for 2 periods just 1. Thoughts?? Also did anyone here have a hard time getting pregnant after miscarriage?
  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 12-29-05 | 03:41 PM
  • I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Most of the time ~ 1 cycle is enough. Doctors suggestion of waiting is usually more for emotional purposes than physical. My OB/GYN told me to wait 3 cycles before TTC again. That being said I would at least wait one full cycle just to be sure your hormones are back to "normal". Getting pg too soon may result in another m/c.

    The theory is ~ it's easier to get pg after a d&c. Of course, here I am 5 years later and still TTC.

    I hope I answered your questions and didn't scare you. Take care of yourself and keep us posted. Good Luck~