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Should I call my DR?

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  • Pinktales 01-26-06 | 04:33 PM
  • I had a miscarriage on 12/19 and I got full period very heavy on 1/19 the last day of bleeding was tuesday 1/24. I went to the bathroom today and after wiping myself I noticed blood it was a little but it was red not brown. I am to be TTC after next period but now I am wondering what is up with my cycle? Is this something I should be concerned with and call DR??? I normally never spot and I am very regular 29 day cycle. Thoughts?
  • ampm 01-27-06 | 03:24 PM

    I know this won't give you much comfort, but I found after each m/c that my periods were a bit funky - you know, weird spotting at odd times of the cycle, different lengths and heaviness, etc... Hang in there and good luck!!
  • Spencersmom Spencersmom's Avatar 01-28-06 | 01:46 PM

    I had an infection on top of it all so didn't stop bleeding for 3 months
    . I understand it takes most women 3 or so cycles to get their body back on track. Let us know what you decide.
  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 01-29-06 | 06:53 PM
  • I agree with the other ladies. It took a couple of months after my m/c before I returned to "Normal". I know how frustrating this can be but try and hang in there.

    With that being said, any time you feel something isn't right, a call to your doctor won't hurt anything. Do whatever makes you more comfortable.

    Let us know~
    Take Care~
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 01-29-06 | 09:16 PM

    I had the same experience as the other ladies. Nothing was as I expected for a few months, and I had one cycle where I just bled off and on all month. Please take care and be patient with yourself.

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