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So I guess I DID ovulate...

So I guess I DID ovulate...

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  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 01-24-08 | 05:42 PM
  • ...because my beta came back positive.

    I tested yesterday because it was CD 29 and NO sign of AF was to be found. I got a very, very, very faint positive but it was after holding my urine for only an hour, so I figured it was evaporation. I waited 4.5 hours and tested again. Same kind of faint positive.

    Then this morning I tested with FMU and it was so, so, so faint, but there.

    So when we talked to the RE this morning, I told him about it and he ran the beta and progesterone.

    Beta was only 11.4 but progesterone is 64, which is the best progesterone level I've had in any of our losses. So that's hopeful.

    I'm going tomorrow to start Heparin shots and they're redrawing the beta on Saturday morning.

    Please, if you pray, please say a
    for us that this is our keeper. This is either Angel Baby #5 or Keeper Baby #3.
    for the latter!!!
  • icerayn icerayn's Avatar 01-24-08 | 05:47 PM

    Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers
  • baby hungry 01-24-08 | 05:47 PM
  • Congratulations Deanna. Prayers coming your way.
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 01-24-08 | 05:53 PM
  • I hope this is keeper # 3 I will be
    ing for you for the next 9 months
  • SeattleMommy 01-24-08 | 05:53 PM

    I am so praying for you and this baby, Deanna!!! I'm so happy to hear it. I thought this could be it for you when you said you didn't think you ovulated.