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so NOW WHAT???

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  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 03-19-08 | 07:48 AM


    I was talking about this with DH last night-- he said he was glad he didnt have time to think about it- bc essentially he thought it was 'messing with nature' -- his own words! He said before he thought- jeez- we had 2 beautiful boys on our 'own'... why should we be forcing another pregnancy- if it's not working on it's own, why should be keep trying... sigh.... he said after all of the tests and review, then he realized that something was going on with our bodies and we werent forcing anything, just trying to increase our odds....

    good luck........ and show him another picture of Lyla
  • Brendalw Brendalw's Avatar 03-19-08 | 11:52 AM
  • Good luck hope he goes for it!
  • tammiane tammiane's Avatar 03-19-08 | 12:07 PM
  • Deanna, I understand his concerns but at the same time, and I dont mean this in any ugly way, but his response is sort of hypocritical. Any type of fertility intervention could be seen as "messing with nature". Clomid is. Vericole repair is. Im not sure why IUI doesn't fall in that gray area that the two prior items do? I hope that your dh comes to see that and decides to give this a try. Of all the procedures that have been done, the IUI really is pretty simple. GL to you both.
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 03-19-08 | 12:16 PM
  • IUI worked to get pg with Aedan after 30 months and no progress with just clomid.. ..

    I say go for it.. and Good Luck!!
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 03-19-08 | 02:05 PM
  • Oh ladies--I knew I could count on you.

    We are meeting wit our pastor tomorrow to talk about his opinion and see what he thinks. We have investigated and investigated. Hopefully our pastor will give us some new insights and help us make the right decision.

    My next cycle starts next week so we could be gearing up for this pretty quickly.
    So we have to cram a lot of "getting used to it" (which can take months for us
    ) into about 6 days.

    I'll have more info after tomorrow and definitely after next Wednesday.