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Thinking about TTC

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  • sarabrydges sarabrydges's Avatar 01-17-05 | 04:57 PM
  • ..........

    Last edited by sarabrydges; 01-31-05 at 03:24 PM..
  • Cracker_Jac Cracker_Jac's Avatar 01-17-05 | 06:05 PM
  • Hi Sara

    I am so sorry to hear about your losses. You have certainly been through a lot, which would make complete sense to your questions and fears.

    Regarding your question on advice, well, I think it all depends on the person and their capabilities and mental well being. People tend to handle stress, pain and loss in different ways.

    I often ask myself this, "what if?" That being, what if I never tried... what am I missing out? What if I do try and it ends in heartbreak? How will I handle this? Your question is such a 50/50 kind of reply, ykwim? We could go in circles with this..

    I say, be completely honest with yourself and what you can handle. Perhaps seek out a good friend or counselor incase you need support. There is nothing wrong with trying again with the knowledge that it might not work out. In fact, it could be just the second miracle in your life. You will never know, unless you try. Just be kind, gentle and true to yourself.
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 01-18-05 | 10:15 AM
  • I agree with everything Jacqui said.

    I wish you luck in making your decision.
  • emg92702 emg92702's Avatar 01-19-05 | 08:42 AM
  • I'm so sorry for your losses.

    Jacqui is so right.

    Have you had any kind of testing through your doctor to know why you may be miscarrying? Maybe there is something that can be done to help you.
  • sarabrydges sarabrydges's Avatar 01-19-05 | 11:41 AM
  • I miscarry due to some scaring I have from being sexually abused as a young child. There doesn't seem to be anything they can do to help with it, at least so far he hasn't figured anything you.

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