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Waiting, waiting, waiting...I HATE IT!

Waiting, waiting, waiting...I HATE IT!

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  • Just30 11-14-07 | 11:52 PM
  • [SIZE=2]I feel like we're all going through a tough week! I feel as if I'm in a depression for the first time since the loss. I was really upset at first, but now I am just really down. It has been 5 weeks since my loss and I still have not gotten AF. I thought she arrived 2 weeks ago, but with my temps up, I know that I didn't get it. I have been using OPKs every day since day 5 and I"m on day 14 today. I doubt it's anywhere in sight and assuming that I'll have to get my period again before I ovulate. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2] I am waiting...[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Waiting to ovulate...or waiting for my period...or just waiting to get pregnant...or waiting to feel happy again. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]I am so frustrated. I don't know what my body is doing and I just want to feel regulated again.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]Thanks for letting me vent, ladies!![/SIZE]
  • happe2day happe2day's Avatar 11-14-07 | 11:56 PM

    this time will pass and it will get eaiser.
    ing for less of a stressful time for you.
  • Brendalw Brendalw's Avatar 11-15-07 | 07:40 AM
  • Hang in there. It will get better. they can give you something to bring on your PD?
  • eds1999 eds1999's Avatar 11-15-07 | 08:16 AM
  • yes, i agree, waiting sucks. even when your body is back to normal, you'll probably still find yourself waiting during the tww, or waiting for bw when you're pg, or whatever! we're here!
  • ~Kelli~ ~Kelli~'s Avatar 11-15-07 | 08:22 AM
  • yes... this whole process is about waiting.... i'm so not patient, but i've gotten more so in the past year

    i'm rooting for you!