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  • tiaonia tiaonia's Avatar 05-21-08 | 09:04 PM
  • so at the beginning of the month i had to go see my gyn. he decides to put me on clomid and a strict BD schedule. thats all great, fine with me. DH and i have been sticking to it like good little puppets.

    but today DH had an appointment with his urologist, mostly to get refills for his medication (Trimi
    . he has a long conversation with the doc and the doc tells him that due to complications from a surgery in 2003, which left him needing meds just for an erection and almost always unable to finish what we start (sorry if anywhere i give TMI) that our only option if we want any sort of success that IVF is the only real option.

    but thats around $8000 a try!
    so if we decide to go that route theres a lot of saving that needs to be done.

    the thing that pisses me off is the fact that if this had all been discovered a little sooner we wouldnt have taken out a payday loan this month to get the clomid and the trimix
    and we wouldnt be out a lot of money. KWIM. if we had known this sooner we could have either saved some of the money by now or else said the hell with this and just quit while we were ahead.

    now i dont have a clue what to do with myself.

    sorry for the rant or whatever you want to call this


    anyways im done now

  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 05-21-08 | 09:17 PM


    That totally sucks!! Can you have your GYN and his Doc do a phone conference to make sure they have all their facts straight and are working together better.

    They might be able to come up with a better option for you. Does the Canadian health system help cover any of the TTC costs for you? I think it's the same here in the states for people with IVF needs.

    I'm sorry that you went through so much for so little! Come and visit and vent all you want!
Thank you Oreo!
tiaonia (05-23-08)
  • 3Princes 05-21-08 | 09:34 PM

    Well, you're "sticking to the schedule" so that means you're bd'ing, right?
    I have to agree that the re and the urologist need to get on the same page for sure.

    I had a cycle like that. We did iui at the complete wrong time, everything that COULD go wrong, did go wrong. I failed a bunch of tests that month, and dh's sperm count wasn't that great that time either, for some reason. I think I might have started my clomid a day late too. But, we decided to just finish the cycle out, bd;ing every other day till a week after my +opk, just to finish what we started.

    The Old College Try is 15 months old giving me gray hairs by the minute.

    Hang in there sweetie.
Thank you 3Princes!
tiaonia (05-23-08)
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 05-21-08 | 10:42 PM
  • I think it is a great idea to try and get the two docs togther on a conference call or something. I hope you guys get a plan that you can work out that isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg.
Thank you Valleygirl!
tiaonia (05-23-08)
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 05-21-08 | 10:57 PM


    That sucks. I hope something gets worked out soon!
Thank you Dopey406!
tiaonia (05-23-08)

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