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Who do we have on this board TTC? Print Version

Cracker_Jac 08-25-04 07:02 AM

Who do we have on this board TTC?
It seems a little quiet around here. Do we have a few people TTC? Give a :wiggle: if you are here!

Valleygirl 08-25-04 09:41 AM

:wave: I am not officiallyTTC until nov/dec, but I come here a lot because you ladies are so supportive and I am going to be going for it soon.

~babydoll~ 08-25-04 12:25 PM


Tamsin 08-26-04 04:18 AM

:wiggle: I am still here - and still TTC :ttc: Almost into the 2WW - CD15

Bethann73 08-26-04 10:28 AM

Good Luck Ladies!! :wave: I'm here.. testing the waters for October. :D Today is CD1.. and my last cycle was only 26 days. :eek: That's the shortest I've had in a long time.