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Could AF be anymore of a ... Print Version

Valleygirl 09-08-04 09:34 PM

Could AF be anymore of a ...
She showed up today in full force, today just so happens to be my due date for the baby that I lost in Feb. :(

I knew she was coming as we haven't officially started trying and all, but couldn't she have come yesterday or tomorrow? NO it had to be today. :tdown:

bjlmom 09-09-04 12:08 AM

:bighug: I am so sorry hon!

:domesticgoddess: 09-09-04 03:12 AM

:hugsad: Sorry. What crappy timing.. !(

Bethann73 09-09-04 08:52 AM

:heart: :hugsad: I'm sorry that she showed up on such an emotional day. :( Talk about crap timing.

Sheri 09-09-04 08:53 AM

A very cruel witch in deed! :hugsad: I hate that old hag!!!