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Cracker_Jac 09-11-04 07:28 AM

Just wanted to give you a :hug:. I am sorry that AF made her rounds. :witch:

Lots of :shamrock: and :bdust3: for your new cycle!!! I am saying tons and tons of prayers for you!

Valleygirl 09-11-04 12:10 PM

I want to add a :bighug: to that also! Sorry the hag paid you a visit too. I will be sending you tons of +++++ thought for this cycle.

Tamsin 09-12-04 10:55 AM

thanks girls, it was so nice to log on and see the messages for me :thanks:

Well she's now left the building, so it's onwards and upwards.........:shamrock:

Bethann73 09-13-04 10:19 AM

:shamrock: :xfingers for this new cycle. :)

~babydoll~ 09-13-04 01:52 PM

Good luck next time, sweetie. :shamrock: